Friday, 23 September 2011

Driving me up the Wall!

We received Hot Wheels Wall Track Starter set in our 4th Toyology box.

I think most people are aware of Hot wheels they top the market for toy cars, the quality of them makes them a timeless classic.
 We have had hotwheels cars, but until now never ventured into the hot wheel track sets, one of the main reasons for this was the floor space they seemed to take up so when I saw these in the box I was interested to see how they worked.

The idea of these new sets is that they attach to the walls so you free up the floor space commonly associated with hot wheels tracks.

The wall Track system give you a whole new dimension to create stunts for your hot wheels vehicles, the track fastens to your wall using 'wall safe' command strips by 3m

On the packaging it states they are un suitable for wallpaper, and may not adhere well to vinyl, so that is worth noting however, I used them on wall paper in the boys room and they stuck well, and removed without a mark, but obviously that would have to be your decision if to use them on your wall paper.

The starter set includes a loop, a clacket bridge and several other stunt filled sections, there are several features which allow you to change the direction of the cars and enhance your play.

Only one vehicle is included in the set but more can be purchased separately.

It is worth noting the starter set is quite large you will need to ensure you have about 3ft square of available wall space or more if you wish to expand you set.

The all important part is how does this set attach to the wall, the answer is amazingly well with Command strips, and can it be easily removed?

The command strips are double sided adhesive tape which fasten onto the wall brackets. To remove them you must not pull off in a forwards motion towards you,  as this will result in ripping your paper, or marking your walls, however if you pull the removal tab which is left showing at the bottom of the bracket, downwards in a straight line along the wall for about 12 inches the bracket will release leaving no marks on your wall.

The brackets themselves are designed with a safety break away feature, to prevent them being ripped off the wall in the incorrect manner.

The front of the bracket will clip away from the mounting back plate if any force is applied onto the bracket. Resulting in the track being able to be removed leaving just a back plate in place on the wall, which you can then re clip the bracket back onto the back plate as you wish.

The Track itself is universal with other Hot Wheels sets using simple clip together pieces which can be added and taken away as you desire giving you endless possibilities to expand and design your own stunt tracks.

This set is really good and the command strips work amazingly well in holding the brackets on the Wall and allowing you to remove them with ease. We had to completely move our set over to the right as we later realized that we had placed it too close to the bed to be able to use one of the exits. but this was not a problem as the command strips removed easily. You receive 12 command strips in the starter set, which is enough to place your set twice, however you can purchase future command strips online here : 3M Command Strips which is handy to note because you could get creative and design your own track setups, and change them whenever you wish.

We really loved the Wall Tracks and Think they will enhance any hot wheels sets you already have, or make a great introduction into the Hot Wheel world!

See our video review here which shows how to set up the wall track, and demonstrates how the command strips attach and detach from the wall.

If you like the look of this set I have donated a Hot Wheels Wall Track to my good friend to Auction off in her charity Auction to help raise money for her son to go to America to have a operation which may help him to walk! If you could spare two minutes to pop over and support them I would appreciate it :) and the auction can be found here : Online Auction


  1. What an amazing idea. I live in a small flat so something like this would be fantastic, except that I have a daughter...

  2. my daughter actually quite enjoyed playing with this too... so maybe she would still like it ;)

  3. How much room does the starter track take up? how far off the floor is it? how wide is it on the wall?

  4. the dimensions are 3ft in height from the floor to the top section, and from one side to the other is also 3ft, however it is worth trying to find maybe a 4ft or more width of wall as it's handy to have the edges not near anything, and also as other expansions attach to the set extra space either side would be useful. Hope that helps


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