Friday 30 September 2011

Kre - O Oh so much fun!

When my eldest saw the two boxes of Kre-o transformers in our latest toys R us toyology box to say he was pleased would be an understatement.

He is 9, and loves lego and all things like that, and he loves transformers so this is an ideal combination.

Kre -o is a great construction set, based on the transformer range, there are several sets to choose from, all with incredible detail and likeness to the transformers they portray.

We received the Optimus Prime Twin cycle set, this set is the ultimate Autobot construction kit, you can build up Optimus prime in robot mode,  vehicle mode or even into a base station. There are 5
Kreon mini figures included which both my boys loved, and two motocycles.

Jake built up Optimus Prime in robot mode with no help from myself, it took him a fair few hours and he came back to it over a few days, but he was pleased with the results, and the likeness to the transformers kept him sufficiently engaged as he could watch it building up.

The instructions are easy to follow, set out in two seperate books, one for building into the Robot mode, and one for the vehicle mode.

 The Kre- o does not actually transform, so to switch between the 3 modes you have to dismantle your previous effort and start again following the new instructions, but this means there are hours of enjoyment to be had as you build up which ever mode you want to at the time.

The pieces fix together well and are sturdy when built which means when built they do withstand a small amount of maneuvering, however it is not really a toy that younger children can 'play' with unless you want to spend your time having to rebuild broken parts.

But the mini figures as always are a huge hit and my youngest has had equal enjoyment as my eldest playing with these figures.

We are yet to build up the base station, but I can imagine that this will further enhance younger childrens ability to enjoy this set, and for older children it is a really great construction model set which they are sure to enjoy making and admiring once made.

With over 500 bricks in this set it is challenging enough to occupy older children who will be proud of the results, and has plenty of fun factor with the motorcycles and mini figures for younger children to enjoy too.
This set is priced at £69.99 and can be purchased from Toys R us now other sets start from as little as £8.99 for the basic Kre- o sets and range in price depending on the detail of the sets. Although this set is rather expensive it is sure to be well received by any older child and will keep them happy and occupied for many hours as they build up the various options in this set, however for younger ones it might be worth starting out with the cheaper options in the Kre- o range.

heres our video review for you to take a closer look.

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