Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Own LeapTop From LeapFrog

We received the My Own LeapTop from LeapFrog as part of the toys R us Toyologist program.

The age rating is suggested at 2+ which I think is just right, My three are all abit older with my youngest being 4 However my daughter (who is 8!) loved this little laptop especially the animal questions, and my 4 year old sat with it for a good while before we  passed this along to our younger friends ,the LeapPad is better suited to older children, however for the little ones this  is realistic enough to look like a laptop and has enough features to keep them entertained.

The LeapTop comes with a USB cable, you do however need Internet access to download the connect software in order to customize the LeapTop.

Once you plug the LeapTop into your computer the easy to use on screen options help you customize the LeapTop with your childs name, you can also select from a few messages, you can not type your own message but you can select if you would like the chosen message to be from 'mummy' 'daddy' etc.

The LeapTop has 3 options which are selected from a mouse shaped slider, you can select Animals, Alphabet or Music, on the Animal option when you press a letter key, the LeapTop asks a question about an animal, such as C - meeeooooowww, who makes that sound? your child can guess the answer, then press the paw print button to reveal if they are correct, and then they are rewarded with a display on the screen.

On the Music option when you press the letter keys different sounds are played, and when you select the alphabet option it tells you what the letter is and what sound it makes which is a great way to introduce letters to your child.

The leapTop also has a Blog entry feature which plays different messages, and a song feature, you can choose from a selection of songs when you connect the LeapTop to your computer, you can store 1 song and 5 melody's on the LeapTop and change them whenever your child wants something new to interest them.

This is a really sturdy toy, and I can see it being a big favourite with children from a young age with enough to keep them busy as they grow.

Heres a video review.

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