Monday, 5 September 2011

North Pole Camouflage

We received North Pole Camouflage from Toys R us in our 3rd Toyologist box, we were eager to give it a try as we had received the amazing Cannibal Monsters in an early box.

this is another IQ building game, and it didn't disappoint, it is a great game for everyone to have ago with and is its sturdy plastic game board which doubles as a storage box for the 24 double sided level maps, and the 6 transparent plastic piece make it a very well made game which can be taken with you anywhere.

My eldest who loved cannibal monster also loved this, the concept of this game is to fit the 6 pieces together so they cover the whole game board, but to make sure the animals are on the correct scenery, polars on the ice, whales in the sea. Sounds simple right? wrong this is a seriously brain tingling game and one that gives you alot of satisfaction when you complete a level.

There are 48 levels, ranging from beginner to expert in difficulty, the beginner levels have a piece outlined to give you a helping hand, the age range is 6+ my eldest is 9 and he whizzed through the levels of this and gave me and dad a run for our money often completing levels we got stuck at! My daughter who is 8 who struggled with the concept of cannibal monsters, was much better at this game, although both promote visual spatial awareness and logical thinking, my youngest also could complete the beginning levels of this game with the handy outlined hints, so we all got alot of enjoyment out of this game and I am sure we will continue to play with it for some time yet!

I have been very impressed with the range of games from smart games that I have seen so far, the quality of them is second to known and they have got the perfect combination of educational game and fun!

So be sure to keep a look out for the range in a toys r us near you.

Here is our video review, be sure to check out the facebook page to see the other toyologist reviews.

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