Sunday 11 September 2011

Wagg Treats!

As you all know Jackson is a huge part of our family,  he is such a character, with him just turning 1 he still has alot of training. We try our hardest to make sure we engage him in training as often as possible to keep him occupied. We were really happy when Wagg Dog Food sent us some of their training treats to test.

These tasty little bone shaped treats come in a handy 125g packet, perfect for long walks or training classes, they are nutritionally balanced so you can reward your dog without worrying about overfeeding.

The flavour we received was Chicken, Beef and Lamb, which went down a treat. Jackson really liked these tasty little treats which made training great fun as he was eager to please to be reward with the next tasty bite.

These treats are oven baked, which is great they are not fatty and contain no added sugar or artificial colours or flavourings, so if you are concerned about your dogs weight then these would be perfect rewards. They contain yogurt which makes them so tasty and helps keep your dogs teeth and bones healthy. They are suitable for all dogs aged over 8 weeks, which means as soon as you have your puppy home you can use these to help train them. With all dogs its important to start training as soon as possible and they really do respond well to food rewards, but it really is important not to overindulge with fatty treats so these are a perfect combination to help you get off to a good start with your puppy training.

My daughter really loves training Jackson, they enjoy spending time together, Chloe has with the help of these Wagg Treats, taught Jackson to Sit, Lie down, Roll over and Stay. Having these tasty treats he responds well to her, which means she doesn't get frustrated with him not listening or learning as quickly as she sometimes imagines he should.

Look out for these treats in Pets at home and other good stores near you, or take a look at the Wagg website here: Dog Food, also check out the Wagg resident Dogs very own blog here: Daltons Diary
And be sure to keep updated with offers, information and competitions on the Wagg Twitter here: WaggFoods

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  1. He is gorgeous!! Loved the Silent Sunday too - I am resisting getting a dog, but I want one like yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog too


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