Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Fun!

So its nearly Halloween, We dress up and enjoy looking at all things spooky, my daughter really likes the look of the Monster High Dolls which seem to be popular at the moment, and with young Dracula on CBBC which my elder two also like it seems monsters ghosts and ghouls are rather cool!

So when we were asked if we would give our verdict on a new childrens online game called Little Horrors, I thought it would be something all mine would be interested in.

Little Horrors is brand new free to play 3D online game, where you can create your own little horror, vampires or werewolf and train to be a great monster at the monster academy, the game is browser based and an add on is required to play but it is very simple to install and use, really easy to follow instruction help you get going in no time at all, you can sign in using  facebook, and a message is sent to your email address confirming your Monster name, and to tell you an account has been created.
Once you have signed in you can customize your monster character, the monsters are cartoons who are rather cute and certainly appeal to anyone who likes Monster High.

''Little Horrors is set in a school for the monstrously gifted where children are encouraged to carry out numerous assignments that are fun and educational.''

There is no fighting blood or guts in the game at all, it is exceptionally child friendly the quests to complete involve things such as collecting pumpkins and making clothing to wear and finding new characters to talk to. As you progress through the game the tasks get slightly harder, the idea is to provide a fun game for children to enjoy and whilst they are doing so they are actively engaging reading skills, and following instructions in tasks which vary in educational departments

''Many of the development team at the Monumental Games Group who created Little Horrors are Mums and Dads themselves, so we’ve spent a considerable amount of time creating a safe environment for children of all ages''

My eldest is 9 and he struggles with reading, games like this are great because they are about the only time he genuinely wants to read, so for me I don't mind at all that he spends a certain amount of time on games such as little horrors. They are fun and so engage him, but he has to read the instructions to progress in the game.

As this game is very new we have only just started playing, there are loads more features to be discovered, there is a place to invite your friends, and then a leaderboard to see who has been succeeding in the tasks and gaining the merits at the Little Horrors monster Academy, and it is sure to be one that we continue to enjoy and play, and I look forward to finding more out about the features that are part of this game.

Be sure to take a look here:

(We were asked if we would like to try out this game, and to partake in a treasure hunt, and as a reward we were sent a goodie bag with stickers and sweets and a poster in,  we received no other payment and were not told what to include in this post, as always my views are my own, and the details I have stated here are the things I found out when I looked up the game for myself.)

UPDATE: The game has been removed and so it is no longer  available - sorry

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