Saturday, 15 October 2011

Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Stamps

We received a set of dinosaur stamps made y Melissa and Doug as part of the Toys R Us toyologist program.
 If you remember we received the Melissa and Doug Jumbo colouring pad, and Triangular crayons in our first box, and they were a huge success, Melissa and Doug quality is brilliant, they really do make things which work well, like the crayons, the stamps actually stamp, which is not always the case with cheaper versions.

The pack consists of  8 perfectly childrens hand sized stamps, each with a colourful Dinosaur themed design on, you also get one ink pad which has a blue and red ink section, and  5 coloured pencils, all stored in a lovely wooden box, however there is no lid which is worth noting and is about the only thing that would have improved this set.

My three all have used this set, my elder two taking abit more thought and care in designing scenes, and using just an odd stamp to add to a picture, my youngest has enjoyed stamping away in no particular order, the ink pad is now rather mis coloured but it still produces a pretty good result, even with my youngest rather over enthusiastic stamping!

We have had this set for a nearly a month now and it has been used a good few times, the ink is very much still functional and I can see it lasting a good while yet so the value for money is good.

If you have a little dinosaur fan, or an older child who is interested in crafts then this is a great set, look out for it at Toys R us now priced at £8.99

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  1. we got these last year for christmas, they are fab.

    j x


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