Wednesday 5 October 2011

Playmobil Agent Grip

We received Playmobil Agent Grip playset from Toys R us

Playmobil is always one of them 'ticks all the boxes' toys, and this great little set is no exception, it is perfect for a friends birthday present, or a stocking filler toy Priced at just £2.99 it really is a great value for money set.

In the box you get 1 figure and various accessories to turn him into a special agent, who can scale pretty much any flat surface.

Special Agent grip has two suction pads which attach to his hands to enable him to climb cupboards and radiators with ease as he goes about his special missions.

there are loads of playmobil sets, varying from price but the great thing about this little figure is that it doesn't need another set to be enjoyed.

We only have a couple of other playmobil figures, but Mikey was happy enough with just this one Special Agent figure.

He managed to attach all the pieces himself, (only needing help with the slip line) and has loved creating his own little adventures bringing in other figures and toys to get involved in the secret missions.

This really is a lovely little figure set which is sure to be a big hit for anyone, and would be gratefully received even if someone is new to the playmobil range.

1 comment:

  1. How cool! It sticks to things! Oh stuff the kids - I want an army of them on my fridge!


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