Tuesday 25 October 2011

Quick and Easy Boys Halloween Outfit

With Halloween quickly approaching it was great to see some Snazaroo face paints in our toyologist box!

My boys had decided they wanted to dress up this Halloween as Vampires, and so we brought a couple of cheap Vampire capes from the local supermarket, and some fake fangs, with a plain white shirt and black trousers their outfits are done, but to add the finishing touches and give them the all important Vampire look the Snazaroo face painting sticks were perfect!

These non toxic, Allergenic easy to remove face paints are ideal, they come in a pack of 6 colours Green, Red, Blue, Black White and Yellow, so there is a colour for every occasion.

The sticks are about 2 inches long each and have a sloped angle on one end which makes face painting easy. They are very soft and apply with ease, even to sensitive areas such as eyes.

We added red and black around the boys eyes and white over the face, the snazaroo sticks blend together easily so the effects can be easily achieved to give that all important spooky look!

These sticks would do several face painting sessions, you also could use them to decorate hands and feet if you wanted, or just about anywhere, great simple fun and brings face painting to your home.

Look out for the Snazaroo face painting sticks in a Toys R us store near you!


  1. Haha, what great little vampires you have there :) x

  2. Snazarro are a great make of face-paints I always used them at work and caused no reactions, love what you have done here very effective :-)


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