Monday 31 October 2011

Scribble and Write

We received the LeapPad Scribble and write from leapfrog as part of our toyologist box.
This is a great little hand held writing tool which is aimed at children 3 + Mikey turned 4 earlier in the year so is currently quite interested in learning to write letters, 

The scribble and write has an attached pen which is perfectly child sized to help to develop the motor skills needed for writing. the cord isn't very long but gives enough maneuvering scope for children to comfortably write on the reusable screen.

There is a display of the alphabet which is clear and simple showing all the letters with both the upper case and lower case letters and a paw print button, which is the main control button on the scribble and write.

There is a slider at the very top which controls the mode of play, there are 4 modes
Drawing - which encourages children to follow the flashing lights and draw patterns and shapes
Upper Case Letters - which shows children ow to form upper case letters
Lower case letters- again shows children how to form the lower case letters
Game mode - where there are two games, Guess the letter where you watch the lights appear until you can recognize which letter they are forming, and Dig and Draw, where you put the pen on the light and follow them as they appear until you hear scout (The leapfrog friendly dog character) bark, which indicates you've completed the drawing the lights stop and a picture is revealed.

These 4 modes give enough entertainment to occupy Mikey for a good while

The marks are made on the pad with the pen, and there is a slider across the bottom which is the eraser and removes your drawing as you slide it across, much like the magnetic drawing boards.

The Scribble and write is great value for money with it being a little under £20, it certainly has lots of features to keep a little one entertained whilst encouraging them to become familiar with letters.

As you select through the modes there are lights which flash to show the child where to start and finish the letters, it does not correct them if they do the letter wrong, which is in some ways great, as it gives them more confidence and means they are happy scribbling away without getting fed up with being told they haven't got it quite right and need to try again, but also means they don't necessarily end up forming brilliant letters.

Over all we like the scribble and write, it is a great way to actively encourage young children to get comfortable with the alphabet in a fun way, you can also use the pen and screen to doodle on when in the off position, and doodle away to your hearts content, which my elder children enjoy, (seems as they are now abit old for learning their letters!) it really does appeal to youngsters and its great that they are learning whilst they play but ultimately nothing really beats a pen and some paper and showing your child how to write the letters yourself.

Heres Mikey showing you how it works :

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  1. Is it in curse script. My daughters school is all joined up. Can you change the font?

  2. no, unfortunately you can't alter the font, and its standard plain text, but its not really there to help them form perfect letters, more so for the young ones to just get familiar with letters and the motor skills of holding a pencil, I see it as a bit of a fun way to encourage children to enjoy letters more than somethign that will teach them beautiful handwriting :)

  3. My mum and dad brought this for Baba for his third birthday two weeks ago and he loves it. It is brilliant for three year olds as as you say he doesn't get corrected but the lights encourage him to stay interested for a quite a long period of time especially for him. xx


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