Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What do you wish for?

Everyone has a wish don't they? It would be wonderful to do all sorts of things, I have always been a very easily pleased sort of person my wishes and dreams rather small, I wish for health and happiness for my family, and friends, people to smile and have fun.

These are simple things that sometimes we take for granted, and things which can be so hugely swayed from something great to not so good in a blink of an eye, health and happiness are both so fragile.

Happiness means so many different things to everyone, it would obviously make us all amazingly happy to see the numbers drawn out of the lottery match up with the ticket in our hand, but it also makes us happy when small things happen, like when you see your child smile in the morning, when you watch them achieve something new, a kind smile in the local shop and a passing wave on the school run, and that feeling of goodwill when you help out a friend, can all increase happiness.

So it's made me really happy recently to be able to help a friend out with something very close to her heart. Helping her achieve a dream for her little boy, which will bring so much more happiness to their lives.

I for the past few months have been tirelessly designing and making www.willswish.com  for my good friend Michaela who blogs here : Meeting myself coming back, and now here: Wills Wish, She is the mum of William, an adorable 4 year old little boy who was born with Cerebral Palsy, a condition which limits his mobility, at the moment he can only walk with the aid of a Kaye walker, and frequently has to use his wheelchair, he has to wear splits which means he can't put on wellies and go jumping in muddy puddles with his friends, he often has to stand at the side lines and I can't imagine how heart breaking that must be to have to watch as a mother, and not only that but it is likely as he grows, and goes through pubity his mobility may be lost.  However there is hope, A wonderful Doctor - Dr Parks, performers a surgery on children with Cerebral Palsy which can have tremendous results, it enables the mobility that children have to not be lost as they grow, but also offers so much hope in possible improvements to their mobility, the results of children who have under taken this operation have been fantastic. However this operation comes at a price, Doctor Parks is all the way over in America in the St Louis Children's Hospital, and so for children like Will in the UK it means there is a price tag for this operation, Will need £50,000 to enable him the chance of  continued mobility, a chance of greater happiness.

His wish is the same as mine, health and happiness. Simple things..

Can you help us make his Wish come true? share this post, share his website, donate anything you can, small change really can and really will make such a huge difference, and you never know by helping others you may well make your self happier too.. share a little love lets make some wishes come true,  just a pound from everyone who can spare it really could make a big difference in this little boys life. Thank you.


  1. Donated, only a small amount but a great cause xxx

  2. I think it is so so sad that people like these need to depend on people like us for what should be his human rights. we give it to prisoners, junkies, alchy, immigrants etc and others who made a lifestyle choice that costs the tax payer millions in a year. Where as young children who made no active choice have to depend on handouts!!
    I have never understood why we cannot do these on the NHS, surely if nothing else it would be cheaper for them in the next 20-40yrs??
    Ok and breath.......what a brilliant cause, will go donate what I can afford.

  3. What a great friend you are. Will pass on the msg.

  4. thank you all so very much, any donation is greatly appreciated but more so is your support in spreading the word xx

  5. Sorry I am late in reading this post. I shall of course help spread the word and try get an get people reading about Will's wish :-) x


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