Friday 4 November 2011

Great comfy clothes!

We are not the most fashion conscious family, and I'm one of them people who tends to wear and wear and wear the same clothes over and over, luckily for me my boys follow my thinking and clothes which are comfy and hard wearing always go down a treat with them, if they can relax comfortably on the sofa or climb a tree without them ripping and still keeping them warm, then they get the thumbs up from them, Chloe however is getting more and more into fashion and often tells me she's not wearing that! when I pull out some crumpled jeans from the bottom of the washing pile and a strecthed jumper, she seems to have pretty good fashion sense, she will happy go off to her wardrobe and pick out an outfit which seems to match so well

So with this in mind its getting quite difficult to find her clothes they have to be long lasting and wash well to keep me happy... and  look good enough to please a 8 year old!

So when Boden offered to send me some clothes to review I couldn't wait to receive them!

We received 3 tops from the Mini Boden range, which is a lovely range of clothes and has something which would surely suit everyone.

I spent quite some time looking through their range of clothes before decided on which items to pick to review, The range of boys clothes is great they do  a great selection of trousers and jeans, in some really funky colours and designs which look just perfect for active boys, there is also a lovely range of knitwear I was literally spoilt for choice! However after lots of debating I finally settled on a Long Sleeved T.shirt with a great monster design for Mikey, the range of T.Shirts included some lovely bright colours and bold designs which really do make a statement, along with some plain and stripy designs which are better if you want slightly less of an impact.

The Monster T.Shirt we picked was the lovely green colour with a bold yellow monster in the center, the fun character was right up Mikeys street and matches his cheeky personality perfectly, there are several other monster designs in the Mini Boden range which I will be adding to our Christmas list!

The T.Shirt is100% cotton and is beautifully soft and warm, the quality is exceptional, and washed really well, the transfer is of a high standard and even after a few washes still is bold and bright.
we picked a aged 5-6 and it fits Mikey (who's 4) perfectly and will most likely last him until next year which is great.

For Jake we decided on a stripey long sleeved top, described on the website as a reversible cozy cotton waffle top. We went for the Tomato and Mud colours, the colours are great for active boys who don't want to be bothered about the scuffs and marks they always pick up! we picked size 9 -10 and this fits Jake (who's 9) really well.

The top is thicker than the monster T shirt and is so very cozy and has become Jakes firm favourite, a really lovely  top for the Autumn and winter months, again the quality is amazing and it has washed really well.

The girls range includes some equally lovely items, again their range of trousers and jeans has some dazzling colour designs sure to take trendy girls fancy I really loved the Hooded top range, which included some lovely hooded top dresses which looked perfect for the winter season. For Chloe we went for Shaggy Lined Pink Spotty top this is a truly lovely top,  which has become a firm favourite. It literally goes with everything and is so warm and snugly it can be used as a jacket on mild days or under a coat on really cold days, it is perfect for snuggling up with on the sofa, and great for grabbing as you dash off for a bike ride.

  A firm must have in everyones wardrobe and I will definitely be buying more in this range!  It is a cotton and polyester mix, and it has washed equally as well as the boys T. shirts. we went for aged 9 -10 because Chloe (who's 8) is rather tall for her age and this fits her lovely, and again will last her until next year.

If you are looking for stylish and great quality children's clothing then you will be impressed with the range at Boden, so be sure to check out their website here : Boden Clothing

Boden don't only do clothes for the children, they have recently launched their winter maternity range, be sure to check that out here: Maternity wear

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