Monday 7 November 2011

Handz on!

We received the Handz On desk from Keter as part of the Toys R us Toyologist Program,

This is a lovely colourful desk, with its bright orange, green and blue sections it is really bright and cheerful and attractive for the children.

We also received the Artisto desk, which you may remember earlier in the year, the artisto is a large desk for two, and we have left ours outside as a play desk there, and it still gets alot of use, here's our review for this desk: Artisto Review

The handz on desk is a single desk, which is perfect for indoors. The sloped work surface is at a great angle to make for comfy writing.  The desk is a fairly large size with a height of 60cm, a width of 64cm and a front to back length of 75cm it is a large play item.

The desk comes needing assembling but it only took at most 5 minutes to set up, the pieces simply click together and once done the desk is sturdy.

My 4 year old can sit very comfortable at this desk, as can my elder daughter whos 8.

The Handz on desk is an all round activity desk and comes with a cup to hold crayons and pens, and several shape cutters for play dough, a rolling pin and a cutting knife, which is a great added extra. However no art supplies come with this desk so be sure to remember to stock up your crayons paints paper and playdough before setting this up!

Another great point to this desk is the blue side sections have hand in printed sections which are perfect for storing little bits and bobs, or for finger paints, these sections clip off for easy cleaning.

Overall this is a lovely desk and my youngest has sat at it loads, as has his older sister!

Priced at £39.99 it is on the expensive side, but it is a easy to set up, good quality sturdy desk which is beautifully coloured and would be sure to be a much loved addition to a play room.

here is our video review...

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