Thursday 10 November 2011

Help Break the Myth

Everyone knows as a parent you are constantly on the look out for virus, coughs cold and signs of illness, everyday I get several hits to a post on this blog detailing some common childhood diseases : ugly truth to being a parent, everyday people google to see what may be wrong when their children are feeling off colour.

Everyone has heard of Meningitis, but a huge percentage of adults wrongly believe the main sign is a rash which doesn't fade under pressure. having this belief is preventing many people seeking urgent medical treatment for those who do not have the rash. It is vital that everyone is made aware of ALL the symptoms of meningitis, being vigilant saves lives.

There are several symptoms of Meningitis, many may appear to be similar to a common cold and flu virus, headache, stiff neck, fever and sickness. But it is vital that if your child is suffering from  these symptoms that you take them to see a doctor, with or without a rash. It may well be your child has just a common cold but if you notice they are unresponsive, or have a dislike to lights and a strange cry when handled please seek medical advice, early intervention really does save lives, do not wait to see the rash appear!

Please take 5 minutes to look at the Symptoms and share them with family and friends. Together we can break the Myth and help save lives!

The pictures above are the Symptoms in babies and Toddlers but remember Meningitis can effect everyone and their are other symptoms to look out for in Children and Teenagers and Adults
Help Break the Myth - Be Aware and Share ALL the symptoms today!

Please be sure to check the Meningitis Trust website for more details and If you are ever in doubt about any Health issue Please seek Medical Treatment.

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