Sunday 27 November 2011

Red Rover

We were sent Red Rover to Review as part of the Toys R us UK Toyologists. Red Rover is a great game for preschool children to help teach them the basic colour, shape and number recognition.

He is a cute Red dog, who asks you to bring him certain bones, rewarding you with funny phrases when you do.

The Idea of this game is a simple one but it is sure to be a hit, there are several ways you could play this,

The concept is to spread out the bones on the floor white side up, so you can not see the letters, colours or numbers on the bones, then Red Rover calls out what he'd like you to bring over to him, the players all have to turn over the bones until someone finds the correct bone, which they then take to place in Red Rovers mouth, and he'll say if it is correct or not, then after a few seconds he'll call out the next bone he wants you to find.

There are two programmed modes, puppy and big dog, the only difference between the two is that Big Dog incorporates the full 12 bones, where as in Puppy play mode Red Rover will only ask for numbers 1, 2 and 3, and letters A, B and C.

Because there is only 12 bones this is really best suited to the younger children, but for older ones you could use it more as a memory game and only allow them to turn over one bone each turn so they have to try and remember where the bones were originally set.

Because of the very cute nature to this it does appeal to all ages and because you can adapt the game to suit the age of the children it is a perfect game to add to your collection.

And when you have finished Playing with Red Rover all his bones fit neatly into his backpack, which is a great feature keeping them safe and tidy whilst not in use.

Priced at £19.99 Red Rover would make a lovely present for any boys or girls this Christmas and is a sure way to get the whole family playing together. you can buy him online at Toys R us now here: Red Rover

Heres our video review.

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