Monday, 5 December 2011

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

We received the Hot Wheels Wall Track starter set earlier in the year as part of the Toys R us Toyologist Program you can see our review for that here: Driving me up the wall

hot wheels wall track expansion pack box
We loved the starter set and it has stayed in place on the wall extremely well, the brackets have held in place without any movement, the track has been well played with because it is always ready and waiting to go.

So when we saw an additional Wall Track set in our next toyology box we were pleased, the expansions work in the same way as the starter set, but have different track layouts.

There are several additional sets you can purchase to create as big track as you would like.

The wall we set up the starter set on isn't really big enough to set up the expansion set along side it, but thats no problem because each set stands alone perfectly well, so if you do not have a huge wall space then just the smaller sets are ideal, and still have a great layout to them which provide lots of features and entertainment with bridges and flipping corner sections.

hot wheel wall track downhill flip drop expansion

The Wall sets all come with a wall template which shows you the layout and where to place the brackets on the wall in order to connect the track, a bit of care and attention is needed to ensure you follow the instructions correctly and it takes about 20 minutes to set up from opening the box to being ready to play. Once set up tho this provided hours of enjoyment.

The sets attach to the wall using Command Strips by 3m which are double sided sticky strips which fix onto specially designed yellow brackets.

hot wheel wall track hanging bracket

The brackets are designed in a way that the back plate stays stationary on the wall, but if too much force is placed on the track the front section has a safety feature which clips away from the back plate, meaning no damage is done to your wall by the sticky strips ripping off.

The command strips really do seem to hold in place well, we've had ours in place for several months now and it has not moved at all or had to be re positioned on the wall, the instructions state the tracks may not attach well to wallpaper or vinyl surfaces but ours has held well onto wall paper.

When you wish to remove them make sure you follow the instructions and pull down the release tab, be sure not to rip them forwards away from the wall as this will damage the surface. If you follow the instructions they come away from the wall easily with no marks.

hot wheel wall track hanging and removing instructions

The sets all come with 1 vehicle, and work with most other hot wheel cars you can purchase separately, but its worth noting that it does state on the boxes that some vehicles are not suitable, however we have used the few cars we have and they all work fine on the tracks.

These wall tracks really are a great way to play with hot wheels and the interchangeable track sections give you alot of flexibility, you can connect up the floor tracks that use the same connection features, and expand and grow your hot wheel world.

how do hot wheels track connect together
Lots of fun and sure to be something that is played with time and time again

The additional sets come with 8 command strips, 4 are needed to attach the set, and 4 additional ones for a second placement if you should need to move the wall track.

Additional Command strips can also be purchased from 3m's website here: Command Strip Refills

The starter set retails around £29.99 here : Starter set at Toys R us
and the additional add on sets retail around £16.99 and come in a couple of designs found here: Basic Wall Track sets at Toys R us

and heres a video demonstration of how to attach and remove the wall brackets.

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