Thursday, 5 January 2012

3 little lights

Isn't it funny how reliant we get on certain things, things which our parents generation grew up without, yet our generation is so attached too.

The Internet is such a wonderful invention, it connections millions of people, it enables you to research anything, find bargains and keep in touch with loved ones.

It is something which alot of people have grown to rely on, me included. sometimes I wonder if we are all too dependent on its powers.

New Years eve our broadband signal was lost, it resolved it self  fairly quickly but hasn't been right since, giving up completely a couple of days ago, however BT managed to sort it out for us today and the three blue lights were greatly appreciated when they were glaring out of our homehub!

The lack in internet the past few days meant that my commitment to the 365 challenge proved a little difficult to upload, but I was still snapping away each day and today I have added them to my 365 page (found on the top menu bar) and hopefully (three blue lights permitting!) I will be able to add each days on time from now on! For todays entry I thought it fitting to add this photo:

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness it's back! I hate it when that happens! I need to upload some pics to my 365 project too, I will have to set a reminder! It's only day 6 as well!! Emma :)


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