Monday, 23 January 2012

365... where am I?

Yes yes I know its only 23rd January, and my 365 posts have been next to nothing, I have been taking a photo a day and I do intend on sharing them, I tried to make sure I uploaded them to my facebook page, but that only lasted a couple of weeks.

I was really looking forward to getting into the swing of the 365 challenge so whats happened?

Theres a couple of reasons first being I didn't really want to clog up my blogs with a 365 photo post a day, so was never quite sure how to show my photos, if I posted them each as an individual post per day it would surely take over my blog, as I don't actually post all that much anyway, so then I hoped on doing a round up photo each week, but the problem there was then it would mean my Silent Sunday posts became a round up and I am rather fond of Silent Sunday being just a single photo so from the very off I was confused with exactly 'how and where' to share the photos.

Secondly, and it is a problem which is most probably on everyones minds at some point, when do you say no hold on I'm getting abit addicted to my blog here, and how do you get that blog life balance organised.

Yes my children are all at school but I find myself spending far too long in front of the laptop when there at home too, not to mention the evenings and neglecting my other half!
I seem to waste away the hours seemingly doing nothing much, hoping around the blogsphere, poping in and out of facebook like a yoyo and generally not doing anything productive on any one level so adding a dedicated 'must post a photo a day' to the list of 'must do' just isn't really practical.

Then theres also the fact that quickly snatching my camera and taking a photo just because, meant that I wasn't even giving that much thought and attention to the photos and as a result they are just not great at all, which then makes me look back and kick myself that I should have taken something better!

So maybe the 365 challenge is not for me, maybe sticking with Silent Sunday and one photo from each week suits better, am I ready to pack up completely however... no not yet I will keep my camera close at hand and keep taking and maybe I will get back into sharing them and finish off the challenge!


  1. Yes, I fear I may struggle to keep up. Even my photographer friend gave up last year eventually! I feel like sooner or later I will run out of cool ideas and it will get a bit humdrum. Plus I don't post pictures of my kids looking cute, which really narrows it down ;)

  2. I have to admit that I've stopped going to look at the 365 post as there are just so many of them. You are so right about devoting too much time to the blog - you've got to have a life aswell.

    1. That's a shame because there are some cracking photos there. However, we're all different and like different aspects of blogging.

  3. I so know what you mean about hoping around the internet for far too long and not really doing anything worthwhile.It just feels like such a waste of time doesn't it?! I'm doing the 365 thing and I must admit I am loving it. I hardly ever used to take photos so I guess it's a bit of a novelty. So many people are doing it now, and no-one is commenting any more on mine, but to be honest I'm not really bothered as I am ultimately doing this for me and my family. My memory is appalling and I forever worry that precious moments will be lost forever. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! x

  4. There are so many things id love to do on my blog but there also has to be some balance. Im hoping that once my son is in school i will have more time to sit on the computer, as currently i never blog while he is awake. The thing is, your blog doesnt have to be a jack of all trades and master of none, focus on why you want a blog in the first place and take it from there, it always helps me, xxx

  5. Such a shame but I do understand where you're coming from. My 365/366 is one element of my blog that I have always said "this is for me, so take it or leave it" and have posted regardless. I haven't courted comments on it, and by holding the 366 linky I wanted to encourage others to keep going as it is very rewarding to have such a record at the end of the year.

    You can start a #project366 or #project52 at any point not just on New Year's Day. If you change your mind, you know where we are.

  6. I have all the same struggles, I admire the way you manage to hop across and comment on so many posts. Thank you for visiting mine and I love yours, but keeping the right balance is so important.


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