Monday, 16 January 2012

feeling blue?

Today is Blue Monday, 3 weeks after Christmas, cold weather and low bank balances makes this the most depressing day of the year!

funny boxer dog big floppy chops smile

I hope everyone can find something to smile about, I have shared this picture of Jackson on Facebook today as it always helps to turn my frown upside down!

This morning we decided to go into Morrisons to pick up some bits and bobs for ourselves and my brother in law, as hes feeling the January Blues more than most, we thought it'd be a nice idea to do him a bit of cheer up shopping so he could have a warm chicken roast this evening, to take away them Monday Blues. After all there is noting nicer when your feeling low to come home and enjoy a yummy meal followed by chocolate gateaux!  Whilst we were at the check outs the cashier suggested we buy a Mirror Paper as they had a voucher to take £5 off a £40 spend, seems as we were doing 2 shops we brought two Mirrors and saved our selves £10 - added bonus!

So if you shop at Morrisons be sure to grab yourself a Mirror today (or find someone who brought one!) as I'm sure the voucher lasts all week they also have a voucher for free typhoo tea bags!

Happy Blue Monday everyone.


  1. Well, Jackson more than brought a smile to my face- it made me chuckle- he's gorgeous. Thank you! x

  2. Well Jackson certainly made me smile! And warm chicken dinner sounds awesome to me! I hope it was good! And yay for the tenner off! Not a bad day xx

  3. Jackson certainly has no January blues! So content you have to laugh!

  4. LOL! He certainly made me giggle!!!


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