Saturday 21 January 2012

not good news at all :(

Regulars here will know I am a fan of a photo editing site called it is a site which is totally user friendly and enables everyone to make pretty amazing edits to their photos via just a few simple clicks.

Picnik has a free section where you can do a whole array of edits but they also have a premium feature which is something like £15 a year, I love this site so much I have been a premium member for about 4 years, and even tho I can and do use photoshop and paintshop pro, it is picnik that is there for the basic edits as it is sooo easy!

In 2010 google brought picnik, and everyone at the time warned this was a BAD idea, I reserved judgement and seems as the awesomeness of picnik didn't change I thought all the warnings were unwarranted.

however today I go to facebook and see a friend had posted a daunting message saying that Picnik was closing.

 I checked and sure enough google have decided to close Picnik in April instead adding a 'creativity' pack to google+

I simply can not believe that google have made this decision it seems totally unreasonable I know so many people who adore this site, to simply take it down is very unreasonable, it can not be because they are loosing money as google have promised refunds of the FULL membership even if you are on the very last day.

It seems to me that google simply saw an independent site that was generating alot of interest, something that was obviously amazing, and they decided their best bet was to get their claws into it themselves rather than have competition, they brought this wonderful site and then waited for the sand to settle now they rip the rug from under their loyal customers feet.

So I guess theres very little else to say, but as for am I going to be running to google+ anytime soon to see if they have anything nearly as good as picnik... NOT A CHANCE!


  1. I heard about this today, such a shame! Although I have never been a premium member I have used it regularly. There must be an alternative out there somewhere?

  2. I have paint shop pro and photoshop which some would say are 'real' editing software which I have purchased and yes I do use them alot, but Picnik was so very user friendly and was perfect for everyday edits all the little quick fixes to a photo like red eye removal or black and white, crop and rotate etc Picnik made them so easy to do and allowed everyone to beable to make a good photo GREAT so it is such a shame that that is being taken away :( I don't know of anythign else that is simular in ease of use but if I find some I will be sure to share x

  3. Makes me even more resolved not to join Google+.

  4. Very sad to hear this - I know that you produced some BEAUTIFUL stuff on there xx

  5. I've never used picnik, but getting fed up of google. Not happy with loss of GFC to non blogger blogs. Their message seems to be if you don't use our version of stuff we'll make sure you can't use the things you like.

  6. Such a shame.... Google are also closing down Google Friend Connect to make people (for those not on blogger!) to make people join Google+ which just puts me off it even more!!...

  7. :( I heard about google closing the friend connect for non blogger blogs too :( Naughty naughty google and like you say it certainly isn't making me want to go use their google+ such a shame they obviously have had some bad business advice... or simply do not care as long as they hold the monopoly

  8. Oh no what a shame... I've never used it by the images you just displayed are nothing less then stunning and I feel to sign up right now... doesn't look like that's gonna happen now does it. :( Claire Louise

  9. You do such a great job on your editing. I won't rush to understand picnik now then!


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