Thursday 23 February 2012

Sweetcorn Bites!

The other day a lovely package of Sweetcorn bites arrived on my doorstep for us to review, perfect because sweetcorn is Chloes all time favourite vegetable, normally I buy sweetcorn frozen and not on a cob, so I was looking forward to giving these a try.

tasty meal swetcorn maes a lovely snack

Sweetcorn bites are tasty little bites of fresh sweetcorn on the cob, ideal as a healthy snack or part of a main meal. The handy sized packs contain 8 or 9 little bites of sweetcorn which are perfect child size pieces, but no one no matter what the age will be able to resist them!

fresh sweetcorn bites ready straight from the pack

These versatile healthy snacks can be cooked in several ways, 4 minutes in a microwave with a dash of water, roast or boil in a pan (which is my method as we must be one of the only families to NOT have a microwave!) they are also great for on a BBQ come the summer months. They are quick and easy to cook so they really are perfect for an afternoon snack.

boy eating sweetcorn bites

These super tasty sunshine filled little bites of corn are grown with love on a  British farm, where reducing waste and recycling is high on their priorities they respect the land and produce the freshest juiciest veggies around!

So last night after a bit of a manic day rushing around I cooked sweetcorn bites for a late treat before bed. With some fresh bread and before I could look round they had been gobbled up!

I asked for the children's verdict and it was thumbs up all around, Chloe said they were tastier than ordinary sweetcorn and she has requested that we have them with every meal from now on!

I unfortunately didn't get a look in on the ones last night, so today while they are busy at school I cooked myself some, they really do takes just a few minutes in a pan, and make the tastiest snack. A dab of butter and your in a little bit of sweetcorn sunshiny heaven.

perfect meal ideal fresh bread and tasty sweetcorn with a dab of butter

So thank you Barfoot we will definitely be buying sweetcorn bites from now on, you can pick up a pack too from selected Tescos, Co -op and waitrose stores or order them online at Ocado here: Sweetcorn bites

Be sure to take a look at their website which is filled with some great facts and information about sweetcorn and how they are grown with love, you can also connect with them on facebook.


  1. These look great, and your kids look like they deffinately enjoyed them! x

  2. Wow i love the idea of these, my little one loves sweetcorn. I would have to boil too as we don't have a microwave either(people usually look at me like i have 2 heads if i mention that)xx

    1. ohh another non microwave family! these are really yummy look out for them and because they are fresh not frozen only take a couple of minutes in a pan :)

  3. Funnily enough I was discussing sweetcorn ( of all things) with my daughter yesterday. She says she's never tried it. I like the look of these so might be worth giving a try. She eats so few vegetables I'm keen for her to try something new.

    1. oh yes give these a try they are really very yummy! I can't imagine her not liking them Chloe is my pickiest eater but sweetcorn is her fave and she says these little bites are the tastiest so they must be good :) x

  4. These look great! will definitely be trying them. Struggle with getting my 2 year old to try new things constantly. Veg is the hardest but she does prefer finger food...good review :)

  5. I loved these, they really were good...I've bought some corn from Asda to see how it compares as I couldn't find the sweetcorn they're not as good though!


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