Saturday, 24 March 2012

Easter Crafting - The unconventional Way!

I joined Pinterest last night, and was met with a sea of beautiful images, lots of amazing crafty ideas and elegant photography, beautiful Easter bonnets and craft ideas, bright coloured paper and pretty designs galore!

So met with a new found inspiration, and pastel coloured beauty in my mind, we set about making our own Easter Bonnets!
easter craft supplies making an easter bonnet

We set out a lovely display of pinks, purples blues and yellows the subtle colours that instantly remind you of spring! Pipe cleaners, crepe paper, pompoms and googly eyes a plenty, glitter glue pens and craft glue to make the wonderful visions come to life.

I would consider myself quite artistic, I love to draw and take photos, I love to edit them on the computer and make beautiful designs but when it comes to hands on crafts, with scissors and glue I'm not the best. So for the sake of every ones sanity I cheated and brought plain bonnets to decorate.

Chloe adores all things paper and glue like, never really managing to make anything worthy of grandeur but she does enjoy snipping the PVA pieces into even smaller shapeless pieces, and covering everything in arms reach with splodges of glitter glue - which is it just me, or is that stuff simply not that sticky?!

glitter glue pompoms craft making children
Anyway, we got on with the decorating, trying hard to encourage creativity in a way I could display proudly to be in line with the beauty on Pintrest. What about making a Rabbit? or a Duckling? or how about pipe cleaner flowers?
Children easter craft art chick

But it is so much harder than it looks! with the unsticking glitter glue covering everything and the input of many little hands our Easter Bonnet finally was finished!

Childrens fun easter bonnet craft

It may not be uniformed in design, or marvel the great prize winning bonnets displayed with pride on pinterest but it provided us alot of fun!

We have made a new Easter bonnet this year you can find that post here: Quick and Easy Easter Bonnet Craft


  1. Having been trying our best with crafty things lately I think this is fantastic. I've been resorting to craft kits with everything in, so to decorate a bonnet from scratch- wow! To make it look like Easter and Spring- I love it! x

    1. Than you, I'm not sure if it will last till next week when my youngest needs to tae it into school - the glue isn't all that strong :o/

  2. A truly fabulous creation. Mich x

  3. Thank you for the great information. This will come in handy for the Easter Bonnet we are making for a contest at work. Thanks again. CB *_*


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