Friday 11 May 2012

Redakai Card game

We were asked by Blogmatch to review the revolutionary new card game Redakai.

My boys love collectors cards, and top trumps style card games, they are fun to collect and play, I am never sure if they actually follow the correct 'rules' for each different card game but they never complain and seem to have fun selecting their hand of cards, it helps with number recognition as they pick out the highest number to point out against each other, each striving for the best card.

redakai starter pack contents

So whats the difference with Redakai? Well the first thing I noticed was the 3D illustrations are great, as you hold the card they really do pop out at you, the lightning bolts seem to strike into your palm, and the monsters jump right out of the cards making this a really visual card game, bridging the gap from classic board games and the ever popular computer generated play so many children are familiar with.

Brutus monster card for Redakai

The other thing I noticed was the building up element of this card game, you start out with your hero card, and as you play you place cards ontop. Each time you alter your hero, increasing his ability to defend against attacks, or taking off a life bar.

This really does make this a great game and my boys instantly loved it.

redakai instruction leaflet

The rule booklet was easy to read and follow, but my boys didn't really spend long familiarising themselves with the rules, instead they jumped straight in and like with all card games they found their own way to play, but I sat and read the rules and it looked to me they had the idea down fairly well straight away, drawing a card each and if it is a monster they place it on their own hand to increase their heros power, if it was an attack card they could place it on their opponent in the hope to take out a life.

The winner being the person who withstands the attacks without loosing his 3 red life bars.

trisquad redakai card

Redaki is new to the UK but was released in USA in 2011 initially as a card game but quickly followed by action figure toys and accessories. The concept for the characters comes from a TV series which can be seen on CNN but the great animated 3D characters on the cards are instantly appealing even without seeing the TV series, which we have not seen before.

redakai starter pack card deck

The individual card packs are priced around £3.99, and as you build up your packs you get greater enjoyment from the game, the starter pack we received is priced at £9.99 and included a deck to play on and store your cards in and 2 packs of Redakai cards which can be purchased from most good stores such as Toys R us.

To find out more take a look at the Redakai website.

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