Thursday 6 December 2012

SponsoredVideo - Natwest Pigs by Kids Final 3

You may remember a few weeks ago I told you about the Natwest competition to find the new Pig mascot, Natwest invited children all over the country to design a pig which will be made into a real PiggyBank and become the new face of Natwest savings.

Over 2000 children joined in sending in their photos of the pigs they had designed coloured and painted, and the team at Natwest, which included Cliff Wright the illustrator of the famous Harry Potter books, have picked out three finalists, who you can see in this amazing video.


I think you'll agree they are all great and the three children have all done a fantastic job but who is your favourite?

Pigby, Norman or StewTan?

Natwest have ran this competition so professionally and well, but everyone knows that taking the time to cast a vote is often last on peoples minds, however I do feel these three children have all done such a wonderful job we should show our support and I hope that everyone takes a minute to watch the video and cast their vote, it is a  really simply process and in doing so your helping to give input into the future iconic PiggyBank character!

So who are you going to choose? Click on this link : Cast your vote and then select your favourite Pig!

Voting ends on Sunday 9th December so hurry over their right now to give your support to your favourite piggy and then share with your family and ask them to do the same!

This post was Sponsored by Natwest

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