Friday, 22 March 2013

Cheap and Easy Easter Bonnet Craft ideas

Every year my youngest has a Easter Parade in school and so he has to make a Easter bonnet to wear on that day. With my very limited craft skills I often struggle to make a fun Easter hat easily without spending too much money!

You can see Last years bonnet on this post : Easter Crafting the unconventional way, which won Mikey 3rd place in the Best Bonnet award!

This year we have had a little helping hand from Poundland, as there ambassadors we were set a challenge to create an Easter Bonnet from their fantastic Easter range. They provided me with vouches and off we went to find some bargains to create the best Easter hat of all.

cheap and easy way to make a childs easter bonnet
In my local Poundland store we found everything we needed, Poundland do a  great selection of Easter Arts and Crafts, along with different coloured Bonnets which make a perfect base to decorate, and make the whole bonnet decorating so much easier.

poundlands selection of easter crafts and goodies

I decided to pick a yellow bonnet again, and thought it would be great to have decorative eggs hanging around the edge, abit like the Australia outback hats with corks on, Poundland had the perfect sized polystyrene eggs in a pack of 6 for £1.

cheap and easy fun way to decorate eggs stickersI also picked up some pastel coloured tissue paper, some shredded purple decoration, Easter stickers, and a  paper chain making pack, and some all important glue from the non Easter craft section.

cheap and easy paper chains childrens craft ideas for easterWhen I returned home and Mikey arrived back from school we set to work, other than the hanging eggs I wasn't sure what else we would do to decorate the bonnet, but Mikey instantly decided he wanted a nest on the top of his hat.

So he stuck down a handful of the shredded purple to the top of the hat, which wasn't that easy, but with plenty of glue it eventually stuck. We then cut one of the polystyrene eggs in half and placed one of the Easter stickers in the middle of the cracked egg.

decorating easter bonnets for children egg and chick easy and cheapMikey then made the paper chains, which were really simple and very effective, with a lick and stick fastening he was able to make these completely by himself, and the pack contained plenty of pre printed sheets to make a very long chain!

making paper chains easter fun childrens craftWe used just a few sheets and fastened the paper chain around the edge of the bonnet.

easy hat decorating for children to make themselves

To fasten the hanging eggs I used scissors to make a small hole in the base of the hat and threaded the eggs ribbon through the hole and secured them in place with a dab of glue.

boy easter bonnet decorations for school

Mikey loves his bonnet and can't wait to take it to school next week. If you are also looking for inspiration and ways to make a quick Easter Bonnet then be sure to take a visit to your local poundland I am sure you will find plenty of craft supplies for all your Easter crafting ideas.


  1. Fab post, i love the bonnet!

    I am starting a arts and crafts linky on Monday, you should pop over and link this post up :)

    1. Thanks Emma I will pop over and have a look :)

  2. That's fab - I love the nest! What a brilliant idea!


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