Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Animal Planet Wild eyesT Rex Review

Included in my 'do you have what it takes to be a toyologist' Toys R us runner up prize box, we were lucky enough to have a Animal Planet wild eyes T Rex, priced at £19.97 available now at Toys R us

The age range on T rex states 3+ so my youngest son got to test this one!
He instantly was attracted to him (what little boy doesn't like dinosaurs!) and was eager to get him out of his box, which was easily enough achieved, a few wires holding him in place but didn't take too long to remove, He needs batteries, but these are already included and so he works straight away.

the description on the box states: These cool soft toy dino's look, move and sound just like real dinosaurs! Simply press the claw and watch them come to life with realistic sounds and movement, and light up wild eyes!

They are a nice size for children to hold, and you press the foot to activate the sounds and movements, the eyes flash and dino roars and moves his head.

As far as realism goes I would say the dino isn't amazingly real, but that would be difficult to achieve on a soft toy, the body has a Velcro fastening section which stores the batteries.
His legs are firm and can be slightly repositioned he is not a cuddly toy in such sense of the word but more of a play toy due to the mechanics inside him he is not soft and cuddly, however my son likes to walk round with him under his arm!
There are 3 to collect in the dinosaur range, these are all pictured on the box, and my son was pointing out the other dinos displayed asking if he could have them too. I have also noticed Animal planet do a range of several other animals including tigers, crocodiles elephants etc these range in size and price from £19.99 to £39.99

I do think this makes a nice little toy, however priced at £19.97 i feel that is a little high so he probably wouldn't be on my Christmas list, but would be great if you had a very kean dinosaur fan!
The play factor will soon wear off as his movements are fairly limited and his sound is very repetitive, there is no interaction from him in anyway he doesn't respond to touch, sound or anything like that, it is a simple press button on the foot, and the sound and movement is the same each time, the other dinos in the range would not interact so there is little point in collect them all, unless your little one is mad on dinosaurs.

But that said all three of my children including my daughter aged 7 liked him and wanted to play, but it was only my youngest who's interest was still present the next day, with that in mind I think the price at just a smidgen under £20 is fairly high so our overall rating is 6 out of 10

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