Sunday 12 December 2010

Review - Robotic Hand

In our Toys R us box we had a robotic hand making kit, by kidz labs.

This instantly caught J's eye, and he was eager to get it out and start making it!

The product description states 'Build your own robotic human hand and amaze your friends with its realistic gripping movements. Robot hand will grab your imagination'
on sale here at Toys R us for £9.99

This product states for ages over 8, and I totally agree.

J opened up the box and set about trying to build his hand, it comes with fairly simple pieces, which are a reasonable size, and a piece of fishing line, you will need some scissors and a pen to complete the hand, and an ability to tie fiddly knots!

Jake sat with the hand for a good half hour before he asked for help
It was the knots which he was struggling with, the idea of the kit is to tie together the pieces and then you can pull the pulleys when it is complete to make the fingers move in a realistic motion.
you are required to tie three knots in each piece of line, and it does get increasingly difficult as you proceed in building the hand, J could not master the knots and so I was left struggling with it.
It was very fiddly and I almost threw it out the window a couple of times, but after I had finally tied the knots in the correct places J was over the moon with the hand!
I think it makes a nifty little gift for those awkward older boys, and once the hand was put together all three of my children wanted to have ago, J said he would definitely tell his friends to buy it, so overall I'd say 7 out of 10 for the fact it could be left in the box unmade if you weren't an amazingly good knot tier, but if you do master the knots then you have a pretty good robotic hand which is sure to entertain, priced at £9.99 I think that is correctly priced.

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