Sunday, 2 January 2011

Late nights and early mornings

I have really enjoyed Christmas this year, we've all had a lot of fun, food, laughter and smiles.
Two weeks off from the normal school run mornings and trying hard to fit in everything into the shrinking dark evenings was very welcomed!
however the holidays are nearly over, only today and tomorrow then the rush will return.
I must admit I have slipped with the bedtimes this holiday - its Christmas after all, and how can you send your children to bed at 7pm when they are so excited and are up chatting away about Santa, reindeer and fairy's? So the bedtimes got later and more often than not it was 9pm when I could even think about settling them down. The late nights were not really followed by many lay ins, oh don't get me wrong sometimes we managed to stay in bed past 8am, but most mornings giggling and bumping was heard from one of the bedrooms before 7am luckily grumpiness hasn't been too much of an issue - yet, but I am now wondering how they will take to being at school again, so day 2 of the new year, and part 1 of my resolutions, bedtimes are coming back into force,no more late nights chatting together in each others rooms, 7pm littlest in bed asleep, 7.30 eldest two in there own beds, 8pm lights out! Sounding good?? lets hope that tonight and tomorrow gives them enough of a boost of energy to tackle the new term!

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