Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year!

Well that's it out with the old? in with the new?
2010 is well and truly over, I know a fair few people who will be sighing in relief as we roll in the new year, and I hope that 2011 brings everyone some good fortune.

We're not party people and we don't celebrate new year very much, so we weren't out drinking the night away, waking this morning with a beastly headache, in fact we never drink to celebrate anything, or indeed drink for any other reason, we are completely Tea total... quite literally so we saw in the new year with all three children tucked up in bed, the dog snoring away on the sofa and me and my other half with cups of tea in our hands, jumping up and down like slight loons (as we have just brought a xbox 360 kinect sensor, which is simply amazing!!!) and we woke this morning and although we initially thought we would go over to my parents house for a new years day tea, turkey and chips or something similar, we didn't end up getting that far, as the neighbours came to see us and that was it then, we couldn't tare the kids away from the kinectimals!

My mum is still loving her new laptop tho, and we have now set up skype for her which is always interesting, and enables her and my dad to witness the manic atmosphere of our house from the quiet safety of their armchairs!

What do I think 2011 will hold? who knows, but we'll be there for the ride no matter what it throws at us.

Happy New Year everyone, lets try and make it a good one!


  1. I *want* the sensor for the Xbox too Sarah - it looks simply brilliant and now you've confirmed it, I want one even more.
    Something for the wish-list once I'm back at work I think :-)

    Glad you had a nice New Years Eve, cuppa and fun sounds pretty good to me.
    Rab went to bed early coz he had to be up for work at 5am - Dj got up coughing so we watched the fireworks together on the TV with cups of hot chocolate then sent him back to bed.
    Advantage - no hangovers and that can only be a good thing in my opinion.

    Hope the New Year brings you everything you want and more.

    Much luv Carole, Rab and boys xxxx

  2. Thank you Carole, and the same back to you and your family!
    The kinect sensor is sooo very clever Carole it really is, I will do a post review of it over the next day or two, with some pics and videos I took of it :)


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