Tuesday, 17 May 2011


well yesterday was abit of a mad blur, so nervous all morning anxiously staring at facebook, even tho I knew it wouldn't help, the results would only be posted after 12noon, but there was that thrill of waiting, wondering and hoping! Then to see my name on the all important list of toyologists was simply mind blowing, my hope at the beginning of the year was to really push my blog and get it rolling, this now was becoming a reality.
I then panicked!
I got picked, me! a newbie blogger, a personal facebook user, not known in the blog world and completely useless at twitter!
Could I really stand up to the amazing honour that toys R us, had just bestowed on me?
Well one way to find out I guess, jump straight in feet first!!

So, first off a facelift for my blog... yep out with the 'standard' heading, and in with my own, that made me feel better, feel more like I now at least might 'look' like I know what I'm doing :)

then to promote my simple little blog and create myself a facebook page, (as for twitter, well I'll keep trying with that one!)

now all that's left to do is decided what people most want me to ramble about, what do people want from a parent blog? how much is too much, and whats not enough? I guess I will learn this all as I trudge along, I'm hoping to not only have a great time with my family testing the toys from Toys R us, but also to have guest reviews from friends and blog readers, competitions too
I am waiting now to hear from Toys R us, with my 'welcome' email, giving me hopefully some pointers as what they want and where to go with this, but me personally am hoping to have fun, and be able to give something back too, I have a great connection to homestart and would love to boost this charity amongst others, Exciting times and I can't wait to get started!


  1. Oh wow I can totally understand you may be feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least. As a newbie to blogging myself I get were you are coming from.

    Firstly I love your new Banner it's fab!

    I will pop over and join your facebook soon.

    I was looking to follow you on twitter but couldn't find the link. Twitter is so easy to use once you get started you'll be up and running.

    Best of luck with it all :) x

  2. thanks Carole, I keep putting twitter on, looking at it with great confussion and then turning it straight off again, really must go and have a proper look around!

  3. I am sure you will be a great blogger and toyologist. SOme of the others chosen are my fave bloggers and are all so kind I know that they will help you to find your way. Me? I just follow my heart and Esther and William's leads wherever they take me x


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