Tuesday 17 May 2011

when I say no...

I'm really not good at being a strict parent, I try so hard to make sure that they learn right from wrong, but they seem intent on doing as they please, insisting that 'I'm a horrible mother' and give me that look if I care to comment!

It certainly has got harder as they have got older, everyone seemed to tell me how hard it is when their little, the sleepless nights, the temper tantrums at 2, the breastfeeding, the nappy changes, weaning, potty training all met with stacks of advice and sympathy for everyone going through them stages, however now they all seem to be older, now past these 'awkward' stages that's it, your almost left on your own, yet the dilemmas don't disappear with age, if anything they seem to multiple!
Now we have to contend with allowing them their freedom, whilst keeping them within my boundaries, but that's difficult because everything seems to be a battle of wills.
there seems to be so many things to decided on at the moment, so many new rules to make.
interesting article on BBC breakfast this morning which I only caught a glimpse of as I rushed around trying to find matching school shoes and clean polo shirts, but from what I remember there was a professor in America saying that there's no point in being a strict parent, as your children will ultimately turn out however regardless of parenting? I only caught a bit of this, and so didn't get to hear what his argument actually was, and I have just googled and can't find any reference (doesn't help that I don't know the guys name!) anyone else watch it, or am I hearing things!


  1. Really?

    Regardless of what i do they will turn out however nature intended?

    Thats a bit of a relief really!


  2. wish I could find the guy! I sure thats what he was saying, or maybe it was wishful thinking?! someone else must have seen it? around 8am then again it could have been anytime from about 7ish?

  3. I read what this guy said (though don't ask me where!). He made a kind-of reasonable argument to back his view, but when you stopped to think about it, it was completely crazy.


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