Monday 20 June 2011

first day nerves

So today was the day, my littlest off to his new school, a real big school with proper uniform.

When he woke up this morning he said he didn't want to go, but soon changed his mind when reminded about the lego we saw on the induction day, and the binoculars which he loved.
So dinner time came and he put on his little uniform and we trundled off to school. He surprised me by being smiley and happy and not at all nervous, everyone always said to me with the older too that I spent too much time with them and they would be clingy, and the same has been said to me about Mikes, but it always seemed the opposite and again Mikey is no exception, he asked if I was staying, I said I could for a little while, we walked around the classroom he went to the binoculars and found the bugs again and I looked at them with him for a couple of minutes, Then I asked him if he wanted to take off his jumper, as it was really warm in the classroom, he said yes, so I took it off n we went to hang it on the pegs, near the door, then said that maybe I should go now and he could then tell about everything he's done when I picked him up, he said he wanted to paint me a picture, (then changed his mind and said he wanted to paint himself a picture!) and asked if he could go on the computer. The teacher who was right near us said she'd put the computer on for him in a little while, I said oh that'll be great why don't you go and play with the stickle bricks whilst you wait, he said ok, I said bye gave him a kiss, n he tootled off to happily play. I turned and left, as simple as that, no dragging him from my hip screaming, no hiding behind my legs nervously nothing, just a very sweet smiley confident little boy who looked like he'd been at the school for months. I walked out n returned home now I'm sitting clock watching till I can go fetch him!

First day nerves... pah not for him but me, well us mums always suffer the most don't we.

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