Monday 20 June 2011

Pig goes Pop Toyology Review

Pig goes Pop Review

In our toyology toy testing box we received Pig goes pop, its described as an action game for children aged 4+ Priced at £16.99 from Toys R us

Chloe (8) and Mikey (4) instantly wanted to give this a try. The box is brightly coloured.

Inside the box you get a friendly looking pig , 16 colourful burger counters and a dice, the game is simple to set up, no batteries are needed (always a bonus!) and nothing needs assembling you just have to make sure pigs arms are down and his coat is fastened.

then you take it in turns to roll the dice 4 side's have a solid colour and one side has a cross symbolising miss a turn, and one a multicoloured section, whatever colour you roll you pick a burger from the pile, each burger has a number underneath 1 to 4, you pop the burger into pigs mouth and then press down his head the corresponding times.
Once pig is full he 'pops' open his jacket and this signals the end of the game.

Each round of the game takes about 5 minutes so its not a time consuming game, but it's one that they can play with themselves and have as many rounds as they like.

the age range is 4+ I feel that it would be better aimed at younger children (I guess the age range is due to the burger counters being swallowed) but with adult supervision this would be a lovely game for 2-4 year olds who are just learning their colours and numbers, my son turned 4 a few weeks ago so he is exactly the age this is aimed at, and to be honest I feel it is a bit 'young' for him, he already knows all this numbers and colours so he won't learn from this game, but that aside he still found it lots of fun and has played it several times since we have had it, it is a game at 4 years old he could play by himself he understand the concept and can do every part of the game which means its a pleasurable activity with no frustrated tantrums.

The finial 'pop' is not overly dramatic, but is enough to make the children laugh, his tummy is made of latex, and as you push down his head his tummy slightly blows up, not really noticeably like some adverts portray, and once hes popped open you turn his tail to release the air before play can resume

Overall this is a fun game, in my opinion it would be great for younger children where it can help teach them colours and numbers, it is simple to use and definitely a plus that it needs no batteries or assembling.

here's a video review for you all

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