Sunday, 19 June 2011

new school..

Tomorrow afternoon my littlest boy, my baby, is going to start his new school!

I am in slight denial about this, since we moved he hasn't been attending a preschool, because we moved after the admission deadline, we had to submit a late application, so I wasn't sure which school he'd get a place at for September, and I didn't want to start him in a preschool where he wouldn't be going come September, I had kinda put this to the back of my mind, liking both school options locally, so not worrying about which one he would get a place at, but more so because hes my baby and is in my eyes too young to be going to school!

Anyway I did receive a letter back to tell me what school he has a place at, Its a different school to the juniors Jake and Chloe attend but a real lovely school, so for the past few weeks I've been meaning to ring the school and ask about induction days, with a nudge from a friend I finally rang the school, they were so lovely and said they had places in their preschool for afternoon sessions should I like to have a place. Although I would love to keep my littlest at home forever more, I know I would be stupid to pass up this opportunity, it will enable him to meet his friends and teachers and get used to the school ready for September when he'll be gone all day.

So on Thursday last week I took the plunge and went to see the school, took Mikey along with me, and they again were lovely, they invited us in for a real good look around, and Mikey LOVED it, that afternoon I scooted off into town to kit him out with little school shoes, trousers and polo shirts, he was as proud as punch and wore them that afternoon when we went to collect Jake and Chloe.

So Tomorrow afternoon my little boy will be going to school... how crazy is that!


  1. Awww bless him Sarah....he'll have a fantastic time and you're right, it will prepare him so much more for full time school.
    We really do notice the difference in children who do no pre-school beforehand...

    And although you can't see it yet, you'll enjoy time to just be Sarah again, rather than mummy 24/7.
    Hugs to you both xxxx

  2. Thanks Carole, I know what your saying is right, and he will have a really nice time :D
    hope your well xx

  3. Oh bless, he will love meeting new friends and it will make the transition in September so much easier for him. After hearing all the things he has done when he comes home you will soon relax and have a couple of hours me time x x


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