Friday 5 August 2011

keep cool

Hasn't it been lovely weather for once, the summer holidays have not been rained off, the sun has shone and the temperatures have soared. We've spent a fair amount of time out in the garden or walking through the woods which is great, but in true British style, we're never overly happy with the weather and dare I say it, it has been a bit too hot!

the problem is when it gets so hot, we're just not used to it, and so things like making sure the children are sun creamed up, with hats on and properly hydrated sometimes slip our minds.

Drinking water on hot days is vital, and quite often children can be stubborn when it comes to the plain stuff.

But fear not SilverSprings has teamed up with HiT the childrens entertainment brand responsible for Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and such like, to bring you spring water especially designed for children.

and we were kindly sent some to get our verdict.

These 300ml sports bottles of British spring water are the perfect size for lunchboxes, for slipping in your bag when you're off out for a walk or for handing out for that mid afternoon refresher. The designs on the packaging are Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Angelina Ballerina, everyone knows how much children love to see their favourite cartoon characters on everything so it does make sense to put a popular character on some good healthy foods and drinks rather than the sweets and chocolates often associated with character brandings.

Luckily my three have no problem with drinking water, although admittedly they normally if given the choice go for squash, however with the branded bottles it is easier to persuade them to choose water.

My eldest are 9 and 8 years old, so a bit old for the age range these characters are aimed at, but even still they were happy enough to see a brighter looking water bottle. My youngest is 4 and starting school in September and these will be perfect for his lunchboxes.

If your little one is reluctant to drink water I would say these might just do the trick, and if your little one already likes water then this is just an added bonus, because lets face it most other bottled water is rather plain looking! So keep your eyes out for these new designs in a supermarket near you very soon.

Heres some info from Silversprings themselves reminding us of some important info:

"These small bottles of spring water are ideal for little hands and feature their favourite HIT friends – Angelina Ballerina, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and the newest addition to the range, Thomas the Tank Engine! For parents, the handy 300ml bottles also mean it’s easy to work out if your child has consumed their recommended daily intake of water. 4-8 year olds should drink 1.2 litres a day and so will already be well on the way towards their quota after just one little bottle. With water being proven to aid concentration, it offers an extra reason to make HiT spring water a lunchbox staple, ensuring your child feels refreshed both physically and mentally throughout the school day.

Silver Spring’s HIT British Spring Water is nothing but pure spring water from the North Downs of Kent. Bottled at source and containing naturally present calcium, the small bottles of spring water are the most refreshing and hydrating drink around. With the added excitement of a fun and familiar character however, this simple and hugely important drink can become a permanent feature in your little one’s lunch box without any fuss."

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  1. I would so buy these! they are a really good idea.


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