Saturday, 6 August 2011

A first look at the Leapfrog LeapPad

We were really excited to be told we would be getting our hands on a Leapfrog LeapPad explorer tablet before it hit the shops later on this month.
It was a real honour to be chosen as one of the first people in the UK to get our hands on this amazing gadget pre release date.
So a big thank you to the great team at Toys R Us UK toyologists

So when the postman knocked on our door yesterday bright and early and handed us the box everyone was eager to get their hands on the LeapPad.

I quickly managed to take a few photos of what was in the box before watching as the Leappad disappeared followed by the three children with whimpers of 'is it my turn now'

I through out the day saw flashes of green and white and 'mummy say 'cheeesssseee' as they ran past, but every time I asked for a look they disappeared again! Initially Jake, my 9 year old said 'I'm not having ago, its babyish' but within 10 minutes of the 'ohhhh and wow look at this' coming from Chloe and Mikey he had changed his mind, and when he got his hands on it some time later he was less than eager to give it up!

Mikey who is 4, which is the lower end of the recommended age range could easily manage the LeapPad he seemed to instantly know how it worked and set about exploring its features with no trouble at all, Chloe my 8 year old loved it and was happily drawing away in the art studio and making a story, although the concepts of some of these are very simple aimed at young children she didn't mind at all and has cried about having to let her brothers have ago or put it down to eat and sleep!

So I sat and waited so very patiently for them to discard it, surely after several hours of play it would be eventually tossed aside... I waited, but no, not one of them choose out of their own choice to put it down, always had to be prompted to pass it along, and in doing so there was always 2 others, (no make that 3 including Dad) always wanting ago in front of me.

Eventually its batteries (which are not included in the box of the retail versions, so you need 4 x AA's) were running low and it was switching itself off, and then, and only then, I was passed it to have a look at!

After I figured out how to get into the battery compartments (no screws needed which is a bonus, just a coin or use the stylus to push down and open the doors underneath) I finally manged to hide away for 10 minutes with white lies of 'noo I've not charged it yet!' whilst I had a quick play to see what the fuss was all about. But sure enough Mikey heard me and so came rushing through with 'its my turn!' so I lost it again, however I did manage to get this film of Mikey, seems as I haven't had a proper chance to look at it and do you a full review of its features you ll have to for now take Mikeys review and I *Will* get my hands on it do do a review of what else this great new gadget does in the next day or so!

so here is Mikeys Review of the LeapPad playing one of the Aps (which was pre installed on ours for testing purposes - not quite sure which aps will be included in the box when they hit the shelves just yet) Roly Poly Picnic... enjoy.


I have now had a chance to do a more indepth review you can find it here : LeapPad in DepthLink


  1. They look good! might have to get mine one :)

  2. it is good, I would say it is worth the price tag as it has lots of feature the camera and video recorder options are great aone, and the art studio seems to entertain chloe for hours :)


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