Saturday, 20 August 2011

Real Construction Review

We received the Real Construction Deluxe Workshop set in our latest Toyology box from Toys R us UK.

This was something I was really interested in testing, I had seen it advertised and wondered if it would be any good, my three were equally as interested in putting it through its paces.

On the front of the box it shows you several pictures of models you could make, and has a 'feel it' hole so you can feel the 'kid wood' through the box, the wood is more foam than wood, and because of which it doesn't splinter, or make dust. The tools are not at all sharp and so very child friendly.

The age rating on the box states 6 and up.

In the Kit you get 6 tools, (the hole cutter has 2 size pieces so you could count that you get 7 tools if you wanted) You also get 19 piece of foam wood, 50 screws and 50 nails, along with 2 hinges to help with your projects.

The instruction Manuel is a fold out paper sheet, which just shows briefly ideas for you, there is no measurements or long winded details shown.
They encourage you to use your imagination which is a great thing, as I doubt children could make the models to look like the neatly made ones on the box.

My eldest two (Jakes 9 and Chloes 8) really loved this kit and got right into the whole model making process, they worked together to think about what they needed to do in order to produce a model at the end and I left them alone happily making their models, they spent a good hour or two building and were happy with their finished piece, My youngest was desperate to join in, and although he tried his hardest the concept of thinking through the decisions to make a final product were a bit over him, however with the instructions of what to saw and where to hammer nails coming from his older brother he did join in and was very proud he'd helped complete the finished models. The only down side for younger children is that as the wood is soft, foam it tends to be tricky to start sawing, or cutting holes, but with guidance younger children may well be able to enjoy this kit, just be aware that it will take some adult supervising for young children to enjoy this kit and they may get frustrated if they can not produce things as quickly or as easily as they wanted.

Priced at £29.99 this is a great substantial toy, and you are able to build at least 2 decent sized models, but you would soon need the refill wood so that is something to keep in mind Refill sets are priced from £7.99

I think older children will get the most out of this kit (8 -12 year olds) as they can really think about what it is they wish to make and be satisfied that their idea worked and they have created something good, I think boys would like this alot more than some of the other crafty sets which seem aimed at girls and it was really nice watching my three work together and think things through to create something that they were proud of.

Heres my video review

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  1. Oooh, that looks like great fun! My two are too young for it, but definitely something to keep in mind for older friends. Thanks for the review.


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