Friday 19 August 2011

So...? for me!

Being a parent is one of them selfless things isn't it? You give up your evenings pampering yourself in a hot bubble bath to instead wash hairs and read stories, you give up your hot cup of tea in the morning to instead make bowls of breakfast and wash pots, you go from loving expensive clothes and posh restaurants to being excited about toys and supermarket offers.
So when the postman knocked on the door and I scrambled over several toys and pairs of shoes, holding back the dog, who incidentally is always rather too happy to see the postmen! I swept my unbrushed hair out of my eyes and thanked the postman for the package, and I was really happy to see that inside was something for me.

The new fragrance by So...? aptly named 'For me' was what greeted me in the package, and what a lovely fragrance it is. Definitely one to keep your eyes open for next time you quickly whizz down the supermarket isle huddling your children along as they drag you to the sweet section, remember even as tired mums we all like a little something thats 'just for me' (although I have had to retrieve MY so..? spray from my daughters room more times than I would have liked!)

Thank you to So..? you really made my day. Why not pop over to the great So..? facebook page to see all their great offers, competitions and giveaways :) I was not asked to write about So..? I am doing this post because it genuinely did make me smile, and I received the spray from a giveaway on their facebook page, with no connection to my blog :) They currently have a fab competition to win a goody bag worth £50 so be sure to check out their page and enter!


  1. Some of the gragrances from so..? are really nice. Will have to check out this one

  2. Thanks again for this nice post! :)

    Xx The So...? Team


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