Monday, 14 November 2011


We were sent a pack of Fuzzoodles to Review from Having a very arty daughter who loves to sit and doodle and create things I thought these would be perfect for her. Fuzzoodles are basically long soft fluffy pipecleaners, fluffy material covering metal wires. We were sent the Glamour Girls pack of Fuzzoodles to review.

The packs price around £9.99 upto £14.99

In the Glamour Girl pack we received 2 long Fuzzoodles, and 4 short fuzzoodles, and 5 feature pieces including eyes, shoes and a crown. The basic idea is you twist and shape your fuzzoodles to create anything your imagination desires.

The age rating is 5+ however I would say these are definitely more suited to the older age range, my 4 year old couldn't really get the fuzzoodles to bend and stay in the position he wanted, and even my 8 year old was having abit of trouble following the suggested guides on the box and we tried to make a dog but were struggling to get the same effect as was portrayed.

The pack we were sent was rather limiting because of the amount of fuzzoodles in it being rather small, so the choices of things to create was quite limited, the idea guide which comes with the set gives you plenty of examples and instructions but it is difficult to get the fuzzoodles to look like the pictures in the book, which did frustrate my daughter so in the end I took the book away and left her twisting and bending with no guide where she was quite happy then to make a couple of strange looking creatures, I would definitely suggest if you give this ago to see it as an imaginative play piece and not to focus on the images on the box and instruction leaflets.

The Fuzzoodles are good quality and can withstand lots of bending and twisting and un twisting again. It does state in the book that you are not to cut the fuzzoodles as this could result in a sharp edge showing so thats definitely worth noting.

The larger packs of Fuzzoodles which are on sale in most good stores (here at toys R us for £14.99) would be a nice idea for older girls, although I'm not 100% sure how many fuzzoodles you get in the larger box, the small box we were sent is a nice stocking filler but really for the most enjoyment you would need more fuzzoodles to create different things and its worth noting that there are lots of images on the box showing what you can make which in order to create you will need purchase other sets.

Overall this is a nice little kit but it is definitely one for the older children I'd say 8 and above, and for most benefit you will need several sets so you can really get creative with this.

heres a video review for you:

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