Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Laughing Dog

As you will all be aware we have a beautiful 1 year old Boxer dog - Jackson, who is a huge part of our family, he is the one who is always around when you need a hug, the one who wakes up with a smile on his face and no matter whats happening in the world he is always pleased to see you and appreciative of your attention, and its these reasons that dogs become much more than just pets and hold such a huge space in our hearts.

 Jackson is the sort of dog who needs to see whats happening, he is the one who leads the children into the muddy puddles and makes them laugh so much as his ears flap along as he bounces down the woody footpaths.
Of cause with him being such a huge part of our family he is always trying to get involved in the reviews we do, you may often catch a glimpse of his tail in the background of the photos, or even see him in the background of a good majority of the videos I post, he is always there keeping his eye on what we're upto giving everything we are sent his seal of approval as much as the children do.

So when Laughing Dog said they would send us some of their range to test Jackson was understandably happy!

There are so many dog food brands, so many different styles of food, back when I was younger we had dogs, and I can't ever remember my mum wondering what to feed them, it was always the same. Always a tin of slimy meat that smelt horrid!  Now however you see dog food everywhere there is all sorts of different styles and types, different treats and flavours, The cans of meat obviously are still there but there is a whole range of other styles your dog can enjoy, and like with our own food dog food can have the added benefit of being made in England, sourced locally and cooked in various ways to add to its flavour.

Also, as with humans,  dogs can have allergies and be sensitive to various things, My friend has recently discovered her dog has an allergy to practically everything except Fish and Rice. With us all having such a connection to our dog its not surprising really that more and more care and attention is being put into making sure companies produces better and better food for them.

So I was interested to read that Laughing dog food is all sourced in England on a farm in Lincolnshire, using all naturally produced ingredients grown on the farm. Whats more Laughing dog food is baked which adds to its flavour.

The first thing that struck me when we opened the pack of Adult Complete Chicken food was that it was a selection of roughly cut up pieces, not at all like the majority of dry dog food which is all perfectly regular pieces, these irregular pieces mean they take that bit longer for the dog to eat, so if you have a greedy dog who tends to hardly taste the food because they bolt the food down, then this is great, it increases the need to chew and thus help with the dogs digestive system. The other great thing with Laughing dog food is that it has been  Oven baked, to make sure that the maximum amount of flavour and goodness is kept in the food.

Jackson is however not a greedy eater, and tends to pick at his food anyway, with him being an only dog we leave his food down and he eats it throughout the day, he really enjoyed Laughing Dog so it obviously tastes good!

Laughing dog also do a whole range of treats including :Cheese Oats  and Dental Oaties along with a range of mixers all of which are produced to the same high standards I would expect from this great family ran business.

But not only that Laughing dog have a whole host of great information on their site and also run brilliant competitions so us owners can get involved. They have a photo contest running at the moment where you can win a 15kg bag of Laughing Dog so you can see the exceptional quality for yourself,  its well worth popping over to their website and taking a look they have a lovely community of dog lovers which includes a great Facebook page found here: LaughingDog and a twitter account here : @reeflaughingdog
So lots of ways to interact and get involved with this great company the food they produce is a really high standard and is supreme quality, getting the big Paws up from us!


  1. Love the photo of his ears flapping as he runs. Brilliant. Wish we could get great photos of our dogs, but black labs are so hard to get clearly.

  2. Black Labs are beautiful my mums neighbour has a black lab who is such a lovely dog :)


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