Thursday 24 November 2011

Imaginext Batcave

When we received the Imaginext Batcave in our Toys R us toyology box My boys were thrilled, I have heard of the Imaginext range by Fisherprice but never brought any for my boys.

Imaginext is a range of bright coloured plastic role play toys, aimed at children aged 3 and over, there are several themes in the range including space shuttles, fire engines, and super heros!

One of the features of this range of toys is the figures all have the same shaped legs which fit into the various activation points. Once on the set points the figures can be turned to open doors, lower lifts and really expand the play.
Because the toys are solid plastic they are sturdy and don't have lots of individual pieces which will get lost or broken.

The new 2011 Batcave is a great design, it has so many interactive features, doors that open, an elevator, a functional telescope and a firing missile to name a few.

The main batcave is one solid plastic piece which is an impressive size, standing at about 60cm tall it is a perfect size for young boys with plenty of space to maneuver the figures around.

In the set you receive two figures, Batman himself and his famous sidekick Robin, you also get a batcycle, which Batman doesn't really fit in but Robin does, however neither figures reach the handle bars.They do however have grippable hands which can hold the supplied weapons.

There is also a batman logo which lights up on the front of the cave which is a nice added feature, this takes 2 x AAA batteries, which come supplied and has an automatic turn off feature after just a few seconds so the batteries are likely to last for a long time.

This really is a lovely set, the recommended age range is 4 and above but really this would be perfect for any age, I'm sure the younger children would get alot of enjoyment from this and with its quality it is bound to be a toy which lasts years.

There are also lots of additional characters and play sets in the Batman Imaginext range including the bad guy Joker and various Batmobile cars to further your adventures.

This is a lovely set, and although it is quite pricey you do get an impressive toy which has so many features it really does keep everyone happily entertained for hours.

These Batcaves are proving to be hugely popular but Toys R us have some stock today 25th November online found here : Batcave how long they will remain in stock however I can't say...

here's a video to give you  a closer look.

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