Thursday 24 November 2011


Poppet reminds me of something a kind old lady says, but to the youngsters of today Poppet may be better known of the little pink monster from the new playground craze Moshi Monsters.

I have heard of these little monsters, quite a while ago my children started to get interested in them after their school friends were all talking about them, So what exactly is Moshi Monsters? well Moshi Monsters like most childrens playground crazes are collectible cards.

Which you can purchase from several newsagents  or high street stores, these packs of cards are pretty much like all the other collector card series that seem to pop up on and off and our children just have to have!

You can purchase a pack of  MoshiMonster trading cards for about 80p and for that you get 6 cards, you never know for sure what cards you will get so like with most trading cards you always end up with multiple cards, and children get upset in the playground when they loose the majority of their 'good' cards in a poor trade!

But Moshi Monsters is more than just a playground card trading series, there is so much more to these unusual little monster characters, they have their very own virtual world, where your child can adopt their very own moshi monster, and play online games to earn rox which is the in game currency used to purchase additional items for their monster, it is a free to play game but there are certain features that need a paid membership to unlock (very much like Club penguin) and if thats not enough to satisfy your childs hunger for these little monsters there is loads of other merchandise, like with the trading cards you can get 'moshlings' which are collectible miniature figures, these are priced around £2 for a pack of 2, and again like the cards you are never quite sure what figures you will receive in the pack.

I am never over kean on this sort of collection like with the lego mini figures, they are pocket money priced but always seem to be a slight waste of money, as you are just not sure which figures you will receive, and for this reason I don't actively encourage the purchase of these figures, but have surcumed to the pester power a few times and ended up purchasing several of  both the cards and the moshling figures, all of which now get left mainly untouched on Chloes Bedroom shelf.

However there is a huge selection of other various sized toys to go along with the Moshi Monsters Brand, which come in various shapes and sizes but at least with these toys you know exactly what you are getting before you purchase them, and thats where Poppet Mosh and Chat, comes in, we were sent Poppet to review as part of the Toys R us UK  toyologist program.

Poppet is one of the more popular Moshi Monsters, a Pink cute looking monster, Unlike the trading mini figures, Poppet Mosh and Chat is rather large soft and quite cuddly, for any Moshi Monster fan I'm sure they would love to add her to their collection.

Poppet talks, she can say her name, but other than that its all moshi language, which to your or me is gobbeldygook! 

Poppet takes 3 x AAA batteries which come supplied, and the box has simple instructions on the base,

I was abit unsure about her ability to actually respond, she seems to randomly butt in when your talking, She also has a room guard mode, which is activated via pressing her tummy, however because you also activate the giggle sound when pressing her tummy it can be abit tricky to get her in the room guard mode. Once in the room guard mode, she does seem to pick up movement quite well.

Chloe liked Poppet she is cute and soft and cuddly, and a familiar character which will appeal to a good percent of school aged children, but other than that I found her difficult to control and was never quite sure which mode she was in, the chat mode or room guard mode, but maybe that was me not understand her moshi language!

Priced at a little over £20 this is obviously one of the higher priced Moshi Monster toys, and I'm sure a fan would appreciate her however I'm not sure if it would be worth purchasing this for someone who was not interested in the rest of the Moshi Monsters range.

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