Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Time flies when your having fun!

aint that the truth! It hardly seems like two minutes ago when I wrote this post : Yay!! We made it!
way back in May... a whole 6 months ago and what an amazing 6 months its been.

Back on the 16th of May myself and several others waited patiently (or not so patiently as I seem to remember!) for Geoffrey and the Team at Toys R Us to announce the news of who the 2011 Toyologist would be. Whilst I sat there on that Monday Morning I didn't know what was about to start and the journey we have been on in the past 6 months has been truly amazing.

Being apart of the Toys R us Toyologist team gave me a reason to stick with this blog, and gave us an a perfect opportunity to spend family time together giving new toys a good thorougher testing!

Not only that, but being apart of the Toyologist team has meant I have got to know some other amazing bloggers, and also given me the chance to pass on toys to friends family and neighbours.

It's been amazing and now I can't wait to give the latest and last box of Toyologist Toys a good testing to help with all those Christmas decisions.

I will also have a Competition posting within the next few days to win not 1 but 2 amazing family fun packed games! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

A great big THANKS to all the Toys R us Toyologist team we have had the best time!

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