Thursday, 8 December 2011

don't laugh...

we've been lucky this year with receiving so many fab games and toys to review and I must admit out of all the toys we have been sent the board games have have been amongst my favourite, I love Pass the bomb, and playdohs smashed potatoess, the Smartgames certainly were well received and I can't tell you how amazing they are - you'll just have to pop along to your local Toys R us and be sure to pick some up to add to the Christmas pile!

But then there are some things which just aren't as good, I really love family games, ones where you can all gather around and have abit of fun together and I guess thats what the aim is to Don't Laugh.

Unfortunately tho this game just didn't seem to work for us, we have tried it several times and I am not sure if its because my children still don't 'get' jokes, or if its just simply not that great a game.

The simply concept is you tell each other jokes and try not to laugh, anyone who can't keep a straight face moves round the board.

You get a magic microphone to help you make your opponents laugh, which needs 3 x AAA batteries before you can play, once you have installed the batteries you can change your voice or make giggling sound effects and even farting sounds! however the microphone wasn't that impressive and although that did make my children laugh it wasn't all that great at changing their voice.

The whole concept of the game was lost because no one wanted to read or listen to the jokes and instead just passed the microphone around, so there fore its abit pricey for a toy microphone. (although it is currently on offer at Toys R us for £13.99 it normally retails around £19.99)

Maybe if you have older children who love to tell Jokes and understand jokes then they would love this game, it i good quality the board is sturdy and the microphone is nice, but for us unfortunately it just didn't make us laugh...

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