Thursday 8 December 2011

Great Games this Christmas!

I love family games and we were sent some amazing ones this year to review

We loved Pass the Bomb which is a fast fun family game, it is a very simple idea and really works!
you get a plastic electronic bomb, which requires two AAA batteries to play, a 55 pack of cards which have beautiful pictures on, and an instruction leaflet, the box isn't over sized and the rules are easy.

great family game pass the bomb junior
Put 10 cards face down in the middle, the starting player turns one card over and presses a button under the bomb to start it ticking!
pass the bomb junior whats in the box

Then you pass the bomb around the players each taking a turn to say a word which associates to the picture on the card.

Watch out though, because the bomb will go off at any point and if your holding the bomb when it does you loose that round and keep the card, the winner is the player with the least cards at the end.
It really is a fun game which everyone can enjoy, the age rating is 5 + which I think is sensible, although my 4 year dose join in with us and enjoys the game.Much younger and they would not understand the word association as well.

This really is a great game and I would recommend it for anyone, its great for rainy day fun, to take on holidays for any moments of boredom, for Christmas and family gatherings... this game fits all!

Then there are the amazing Smart games which I really can't praise enough they are exceptional quality and all of them give hours of entertainment, the cannibal monsters is my eldest sons favourite, wheres as the north pole camouflage was a huge hit with my daughter and Dad and Grandad  couldn't put down Anti Virus!

smart games anti virus logic building one player fun game IQ
Anti Virus is a IQ building game and like with all the smart games helps to develop logical thinking visual and spatial awareness as well as being addictive good fun for everyone in the family!

logic building game for all ages anti virus smartgame

The concept of Anti Virus is to move the red 'virus' out of the board  there are 60 challenges spanning over 5 levels, each level is shown in the leaflet guide.

the board is sturdy plastic as are the pieces, an at the end of the day you can neatly pack it away and keep all the pieces safe in a  zip up bag which is a great feature! all the smart games are priced at £14.99

anti virus logic iq building game from smartgames

Then there was the fun games that the younger family members can enjoy such as Red Rover and Smashed potatoes both have been a huge hit and amongst my youngest favourite things to do!

fun play dough smashed potatoe game for children

So if you're looking for that special game to help keep the family entertained over Christmas I would recommend any of these.

heres a video review of Pass the bomb:

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