Wednesday 21 December 2011

Nerf Comparrison

We have been lucky to receive some really great toys as part of the Toys R us toyologist program, and some which we prior to being apart of this had not had any experience with, such as the Nerf Guns, now my boys love to play and often have a gun somewhere in their games, be it a sickle brick gun or a hairbrush, they love to run around chasing each other. I know some people try to avoid the whole 'gun' thing with their children but to me I have never minded them playing army men, or bad guys with guns.

So when we received the Nerf guns my boys were thrilled, we have never had Nerf products before and they were really eager to get them out and let the Nerf wars commence!

There is a huge range of Nerf products, so I thought it would be useful to do a comparison of the two we were sent.

The Nerf Proton which we reviewed earlier is one of the cheaper blasters in the new Vortex range, I thought it would be good if I did a comparison review of the Proton and the Vigilon Nerf guns.

The Vigilon is priced slightly higher at £14.99 and has the added feature of being able to store upto 5 discs at any time allowing a more rapid fire.

so here is a video review which shows the main difference in the two guns.

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