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There are certain things which always appear interesting and intriguing, one of these is the concept that we share the galaxy with other forces, that you might catch a glimpse of something hovering high in the air in a graceful fashion with bright lights that then speed off quickly without a trace.

UFOs therefore are always something which captures peoples imaginations, when we saw the Air Hogs Vectron wave in our final toyology box we all were intrigued to see what it was all about.

air hog flying space ship alien ufo remote control toy

It boosts on the box that it is a incredible hovering indoor UFO which will have you marvelling at its ability to sense the movement and location of your hand.

So did it live upto its expectations?

air hog vectran wave instructions box contents
The Air Hogs Vectron wave comes with a clear instruction leaflet in the box, a charger and 2 catching sticks.

air hog ufo remote control flying body
it takes only a couple of minutes to assemble the catching sticks onto the Air Hog, and install 6 x AA batteries into the charger, then you need to plug in the charger to the Air hog and wait for approx 30 minutes for it to charge.
air hog flying saucer vectron wave battery pack charging unit

Once it has charged you are ready to fly. The air hog initially goes straight up to the ceiling then lowers back down, it does this twice then it finds an even centre to hover at.

Once it is hovering in the centre you can alter its height and flight direction by waving your hand under the air hog, it is really quite clever how it responds to your movements and it does look very impressive when it is hovering, with its lights that light up as it hovers around.

The fly time is fairly short only around 5 minutes before you need to charge it up again, but it is still a fun item which is sure to wow everyone.

When you are used to how the air hog flies you can use the catching sticks to toss and catch and  pass between each other which adds to the features of this great flying toy.

The suggested age for this is 8 - 10 years, but I would say all ages can enjoy this, the 8 - 10 age range would be able to appreciate and use the altitude sensing technology to its best, but younger children certain still enjoy watching it hovering around the room, and adults are sure to get enjoyment out of this radio controlled flying object which they control without a controller but by their own hand movements!

The fact you are controlling the air hog with your movements means there are no set controls so it can seem to be a bit random, and if it is not correctly charged it will seem to fly far to high or not high enough, but once you are used it it this really is a fun little toy. The flying time is not too long comparred to the charge time so it is somethign which tends to get played with in small bursts.

here is our video review :

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