Friday, 9 December 2011

Whats going on?!

It's late, I'm tired and I really should be in bed, I have a busy day tomorrow, but tonight  I thought I'd wind down the evening and as I checked my emails before turning off the computer a news story caught my eye, as I  read one, then another then another a terrible trend was accruing, not only in the news stories but in the comments and replies to them.

The stories were somewhat ordinary and extraordinary at the same time, one about a mum who has brought a fake baby, or reborn doll, which she loves and cares for instead of having another child. The story itself doesn't really bother me in any particular way, each to their own, I have seen these reborn dolls they are amazing, but what is more shocking than the story of a mum wanting one and treating it like a real baby, is the barrage of comments that followed the story, it saddens me that people feel the need to loudly speak there minds and say such hurtful things, comments about this women and how she is damaging her daughter.. nasty things like 'Look at that face - it's taken centuries of inbreeding to reach that advanced stage of genetic homogeneity.'  surely its these sort of comments that will be the ones that are more damaging to this family than the fact the mum has a reborn doll!

Then there was a story about a Santa telling a 4 year old she was on the naughty list, again the story is not really that troublesome, yes the Santa was wrong and its a real shame the girl was left upset, but the comments again on the post about the girl being ugly and ginger and such like were far more shocking!

Then a story about a dad who was quizzed by the police for taking photos of his daughter eating ice cream, this time the story just shocked me!

the list of stories goes on, children being put into care for being overweight, mums justifying 'sexy' outfits for 3 year olds, councils removing play equipment due to health and safety fears, drunk drivers killed in terrible car crash with 7 year old son in the passanger seat! Shocking and scary and makes me wonder what sort of word we are now living in!

I must admit I normally tend to avoid all news issues on the most part, and I am some what naive and optimistic that infact people are nicer than perhaps they are, but are we really living in a time now when everyone has something bad to say about everyone else? and blimey what a scary place the Internet is and how awful the media can be,and this must have an overall effect on peoples day to day attitudes with such baffling behaviour, such nasty comments openly displayed it surely must be making people think its ok to bully each other, to say such hurtful things with little thought to the people we are talking about. I'm not saying I do or don't agree with any of these stories but I am certain I don't agree with the nasty comments, what ever happened to the age old rule of 'if you have nothing nice to say - say nothing at all!' There is no protection for the people in these news stories the media write their article and then leave them to be attacked by anyone and everyone who wants to through their two pence into the pot.

It is just showcasing some of the most vunrable people and holding them up on a pedestal and giving the rest of society an excuse to be nasty...  virtual bulling and this does lead to real bulling as well, I also read a story this morning about a man who had died of a heart attack after confronting thugs who had plagued him for over 30 years with bulling hate crimes, a sad sad story and a sorry state that our society allows this sort of thing to happen, we allow it online, we allow it off line its terrible and every ones actions have consequences and I think too many people forget that, why say such hurtful thing to others, no one leads a perfect lifestyle, its sad when people feel they have the power to judge everyone else, and it happens far to often. Disapproving glances, nasty remarks in the playground, always hurtful always judging.

Here is a very very moving video... think about it for a second every action every little word you say to someone today be in online or face to face can be the difference to making that person happy or not. yep, if you have nothing nice to say... say nothing at all!

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