Wednesday 22 May 2013

Bike rides and Shiloutte photos

If there is one thing I have always enjoyed is bike rides.

There is something about the simplistic nature of getting on a bike and just riding off.

I remember when the eldest two got their first bikes and I was so very pleased when they peddled off into the distance with a new sense of freedom, memories of my own childhood and how riding my bike was the greatest thing.

Then last year, when my youngest got a new bike and learnt to ride without stabilisers proudly following his brother and sister.  My heart once again surged with pride. His legs going as fast as possible to keep up.

Over the winter the bikes have not made many appearances, but the other day we got them out, checked them over and have been riding them again. Mikey has loved going on his bike and we've been riding to school each day this week.

Boys and their bikes make the best photos too,  at the weekend when Mikey wanted to go to the park for a ride after tea, after a dull and miserable day, I grabbed my camera and off we went. The late afternoon moody skies were perfect and I just loved the photographs I captured.


  1. LOVE what you did there with the photos and the awesome fonts.
    Liska xx

  2. beautiful photos Sarah. What package do you use to edit them? Love your header too -I"m a bit of a daisy fan.

    1. Thanks Caz, I use Paint Shop Pro x3 to edit my photos, I love daisies too.

  3. Those really are some fab photos!

  4. Loving those silhouette photos - might have to try that myself! Love getting new photography ideas.


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