Friday 24 May 2013

Lego Duplo Number Train Review

We are huge Lego fans here, my boys always favour Lego over pretty much all other products.

However the standard Lego that everyone knows and loves is not suitable for younger children, with the tiny bricks and fiddly bits. But there is an alternative to the small bricks of Lego that is perfect for pre school children - Duplo!

We have had numerous Duplo sets over the years including a box of bricks which came from my own childhood days, thats how resilient Duplo is. It is the toy which lasts and lasts and gets saved and stored and passed down through generations. A true timeless classic.

lego duplo bright coloured train set preschool

So when we were asked if we would like to take a look over the Duplo Number Train, I couldn't resist even tho I no longer have preschool aged children of my own.

When we received the box my 6 year old couldn't resist building up the train and giving it his seal of approval, I also know that my nieces and nephews will simply love this set. (I am passing it on to them to also review on their mums blog which she is just setting up, please do take a look  - Mummy Wilkinson)

lego train building brick preschool children setThe Duplo number train has bright coloured bricks which are perfectly handsized,comes complete with one figure and a dog. The bricks snap together with ease, and the possibilities become endless as children can build big towers or create scenes from their own imagination.

lego duplo number bricksThe figures and bricks in Duplo sets are similar to that found in the more grown up versions of Lego, but obviously chunkier, the figure in Duplo are approx 2 inches high and although they have the same characteristics as the small figures, with jointed parts, Duplo figures do not come apart. Which means they are safe for young children.

lego dupo mini figure and dalmation dog young children

The bricks have the same interlocking design as their smaller counterparts, with the iconic round studs on the top. The average sized Duplo brick is around 1 inch square, and the train bases are approx 5 inches in length, these classic base bricks with wheels are exactly the same as I remember as a child and they are great you can build up a car, truck, tractor whatever your imagination can create.

lego duplo train bright coloured bricks

The number Train boost the added benefit of having numbered bricks, so whilst children are playing they can also familiarise themselves with numbers adding even more educational benefits to this classic good fun toy.

Priced at £12.99 at most good toy shop this is a really great value set, and is a staple for every toy box. The sturdy quality of the plastic bricks are almost indestructible, and almost every aged child from the very youngest to, well I am not afraid to admit that I still can't resist playing with Duplo myself, will love these bricks.  proving this fantastic toy really does hold its appeal.

building a train out of bricks for young children

There are lots of other Duplo sets too so you can add to your collection over the years as your children grow and develop their building skills, the more bricks you get the more you can create. A perfect way to introduce children to the wonder of Lego whilst helping their imagination and hand eye co ordination. Take a look at the Duplo Website to see what other sets are available.

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  1. What a lovely train. We love Duplo here too, lasts forever


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